Clergyman Calls for Unity among Nimba’s Lawmakers

Pastor Morris Gaye, New Generation Pentecostal Church in Ganta.jpg

Ahead of the coming special senatorial election in Liberia later this year in October, the head of the New Generation Pentecostal Church in Ganta, Pastor Morris Gaye, is calling on the lawmakers of Nimba County to hold together and sort out all differences for the sake of peace and unity.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview, Pastor Gaye urged the politicians to hold together because “Nimba is the strength of the indigenous,” he added, “With unity there is more strength.”

Nimba County’s Legislative Caucus had been divided since last year when Senator Prince Y. Johnson was deposed from his post as Chairman of the Caucus by his fellow lawmakers as well as the National Union of Democratic Progress party.

The division among the lawmakers is said to be hampering many development initiatives in Nimba; something that had created division among Nimbaians based on tribal and political lines.

In many church services across Nimba, pastors are preaching for peace and unity among the tribes in Nimba mainly the Dan/Gio or the Mano ahead of the coming senatorial election and urging their congregations to seek God first during the course of the election.

Rev. Roosevelt Suah of the Lutheran Church, Ganta Parish, told the congregation in a special prayer service on Friday 10th January, to continue praying for Nimba’s peace and unity and fight against the division of Nimba; because there were many signs of danger hanging over Nimba when it is divided.

Since last year, the caucus of Nimba has been unable to organize any development meetings since their split came over scraps and other petty issues.

The local leaders, including chiefs and elders, have been blamed for not being able to bring together the caucus members to settle their differences and find common ground.

Meanwhile, clergyman Morris Gaye— who has served the Ganta Christian Community for four years— is calling on the caucus and local officials of Nimba County to work together so that the strengths of the indigenous people of Nimba would not weaken through division.


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