Clara Town U-14 Dethrone West Point Counterparts

Clara Town U-14 celebrate their victory

In the ‘Follow the Water Cities Series Challenge Cup’ tournament

Clara Town U-14 soccer team last Saturday defeated their West Point counters to be eligible to the next stage of the tournament in Kakata.

The tournament is organized by YMCA-Liberia and DonamiSports of the United States. Both organizations seek to develop the minds of young people and to create a pathway to success in their lives.

The tournament featured both U-12 and U-14 teams and in the first game, West Point U-12, defending champions, retained their title to be assured for their next competition also in Kakata.

The West Point U-14 team lost 1-0 to their Clara Town counterparts and set the stage for new faces to take up the challenge for the next tournament.

West Point U-12 won their Clara Town counterparts on a similar margin (1-0) and also set the stage for them to consolidate their position. They have won at least four matches since the competition began several months ago.

Both Clara Town U-14 (16 members) and West Point U-12 also 16 members each received sports materials including a large bag and t-shirt. The tournament is meant to develop friendship among the young players and also to develop their creative skills on the field of play.

Last Saturday’s game was significant because of the venue and the participants. Clara Town was where President George Weah grew up and developed his soccer talents and therefore the competition set West Point against Clara Town in the shadows of President Weah.

Winning the U-14 version was appreciated by Doc Lawson, the chief executive officer of DonamiSports, whose efforts for the last eight years have encouraged grassroots football in the country. He has also provided thousands of footballs and jerseys for hundreds of kids as the games are held in slum communities with the hope that they could be motivated to follow the example of President Weah who was one an unknown and now has become the most popular person in the country.

Though West U-14 players were disappointed, they showed that the victors played a better game as it was the case of Clara Town U-12 who could not overcome their West Point counterparts.


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