Civil Society Honors Minister Kruah

Minister Kruah (left) receives a certificate of honor from Mr. Rogers.

Members of the National Civil Society Network of Liberia (NCSNL) have honored the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Cllr. Cooper Kruah as “Minister of Year.” This is Minister Kruah’s second. He was in December 2018 honored as “Minister of Year” by the leadership of “Strategic Journalist Committee.”

Speaking during the presentation of the award at the minister’s office, in his presentation statement NCSNL Board Chairman Charles Rogers expressed gratitude on behalf of the members to honor Minister Kruah in recognition of his hard work in transmitting postal services to the Liberian people.

Roger said the minister’s contribution to humanity, growth and the development of youth and student communities makes him a good recipient of the award.

“The committee’s decision to award Minister Kruah was based on the robust role he had played at the ministry since taking over almost a year ago. The policy adopted by him as a minister has brought reforms and capacity-building to our country,” Rogers said.

In response, Minister Kruah appreciated the group for the recognition, and cautioned them to engage in positive criticism that will help to strengthen the ministry.

Kruah said to criticize is good, but there are areas where the government is making significant impact, and so civil society groups or all Liberians need to appreciate the government for the progress.


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