City Life Water Denies “Negative” Media Report


The management of City Life Water Mineral Company says it is determined to produce quality mineral water for consumers to demonstrate the company’s commitment to public safety.

In a press release issued yesterday, the company said it was gravely concerned about the level of negative media report it was subjected to last week quoting some of its detractors who it said “are bent on destroying good investors.”

A report published in the Daily Observer and other media last Friday quoted residents on Bushrold Island as saying that City Life Mineral Company is situated close to a gas station and they are concerned about the quality of water produced by the company.

However, the management said in a press statement over the weekend that the report is false and misleading because the temporary office of the company in Duala on Bushrod Island has a thick wall that separates the company’s temporary office from the gas station.

According the company’s manager Alhaji Oumaru Sheriff, the distance between the company’s premises and the gas station is far and since its establishment in 2013, none of its customers had complained about the quality of the water.

“These detractors should find something else to say about City Life’s reputation but not to … tarnish the good reputation of the company,” Alhaji Sheriff said, adding, “Our detractors do not know anything about City Life Water Company but want to capitalize on gossip to criticize the company.”

He said he obtained all necessary documentations and clearances from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant authorities before it began operations on Bushrod Island.

Alhaji Sheriff said the company is not playing magic to produce the best water on the market but using the necessary water purification instruments to purify its water and the new facility of City Life Water situated in Caldwell is situated in a community geologists say has the best water in the country.

“We did not open the mineral factory just like that. We used the findings from the geologists before choosing Caldwell as our new center.

“We are using all the purification and necessary instruments to satisfy our customers. Maybe our detractors do not have this equipment that is why they are concentrating on us instead of concentrating on improving the quality of their water,” the City Life Water Company manager said.

Sheriff urged consumers across the country not to listen to his company’s detractors but continue to do business with City Life Water, assuring that his company will continue to produce quality of water to their satisfaction.

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