Police Face Citizens’ Wrath with Brutality in Grand Kru County

An officer assigned in Grand  Kru County (L) and Officer Alfred Sudue who was attacked in West Point
Angry youths in Taybue Buah District have unmercifully flogged an officer of the Grand Kru County Joint Security Taskforce as retaliation against Police abuse across the administrative district.
The Buah District’s Joint Taskforce is headed by Josiah Sloh Nagbe, and there are tons of complains of Police brutality in enforcing restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus of which, up to date, Liberia has recorded 101 confirmed cases, with Grand Kru having recorded one.
Buah is the largest administrative district in Electoral District #2 comprising over 25 towns and villages.
The Daily Observer has gathered that that police abuse still remains and there  no progress in curbing the brutes, thus generating into animosity against the police.
According to reports, Abel Swen Sleh and Tom Sleh were beatened by officers   at the front of their house that their photos showed  blood on their faces and clothes.
Eric Wesseh, an eyewitness, said officer Derrick Nimely, a cousin to Josiah Sloh Nagbe, was responsible for the Taybue’s brutality.
The Sleh incident projected the brutal reality of police abuse across the county, and chiefs and elders have condemned the use of excessive force by the police.
The Assistant Superintendent for Development of Grand Kru County, Joe Sekpeh said:  “We have received  several complaints of alleged beating of citizens in Buah and Barclayville, and on the other hand, the Joint Security has also reported brutality against them by some citizens.”
He added:  “While it is true that they all need to respect health measures against the fight of the COVID-19, state actors including the citizens must live in the confines of the law.”
All efforts to contact Commander Nagbe through text messages and calls have not been fruitful up to the press time.
Emmanuel Weah, a human rights activist who is in Buah Chenwriken, complained that a  Drug Enforcement officer of Josiah Sloh Nagbe’s taskforce identified as Toe, beat on people while they were sitting in front of their homes.
According to the report, Toe even attempted beating on a pregnant woman, and if citizens had not stopped him, he would have inflicted wounds on  her lady.
“The same Josiah Sloh Nagbe and his taskforce went at the market ground and broke people’s tables while no one was there selling,” said Weah.
 Meanwhile, the Daily Observer has also gathered that an LNP officer, Alfred Sudue, was beatened in West Point, Monrovia by some citizens.
Sources say it was a retaliatory action over series of brutality being meted against citizens by the police since April 10, coupled with the destruction of market stalls.
However, for the brutal attack on  officer Sudue, the Liberia National Police on Monday evening invaded  the West Point Community in search of the perpetrators and residents had to run helter-skelters to escaping Police arrest.


  1. Instead of going against the Coronavirus aggressively, they are going against themselves aggressively. This is no longer a fight against the virus, it is a fight made out of that conceived mindset that Liberian people heads are hard , and that there is a need to show them who born dog. A kind of potential restart of the civil conflict. Security forces being viewed as armed men against a civilian population. Mr. Siboe Doe commenting the other day said that usually citizens do not followed instructions. And incidents like these that are constantly being described in articles are isolated issues. So the evil that monkey sees what is being done in other countries, monkey will do at home. Monkey see monkey do . As it was written before, Now You See ? It also fair to throw in the towel , saying oh well, that Grand Kru and that West Point. That John’s palm oil on John’s shirt. But this tip for tap is not funny, not funny at all. It is responsible for mistrust . People are hurting and people are afraid , and there is no bigger person in that country to say Stop ! No need for this . And someone calling it isolated incident to score political points. Wow ! What a country ?


    • The most fearful thing is, these kind brutalities were limited to Montserrado County, and outside of Montserrado County, it was known as a Montserrado County political thing. But who would had thought of a remote village called Grand Kru County, almost about to be cut off from the rest of the country would be experiencing that level of brutality ? Who would had thought ? That is the fearful thing about political violence or war . They do spread from location to location when it is allowed to go unchecked. Violence of this nature, made out of a conceived emotional destructive mindset just to humiliate anyone for the sakes of power, such violence knows no boundaries or tribal affiliations. And so a remote village such as Grand Kru County is feeling the wrath of that conceived emotional destructive mindset that the hard headed citizens of that county will know who born dog. Violence when left unchecked, does spread. And that is so true. Even in the land of paradise. Now you see ?


    The role of the police in our democracy is to enforce laws voted by the legislature and promulgated by the president of Liberia.
    The police are merely acting on the orders of the executive branch of government of Liberia. They were told to wipe anyone who disobeys the president’s unpopular and senseless curfew.

    Why will a poor country like Liberia, whose population depends at 85% on hands-to-mouth existence, be told to come out at 7am and go indoor at 3pm?
    Considering the congested traffic conditions in the city, whereby commuting from Paynesville to Central Monrovia and back could take about 2 hours, how long would it take our people to fend for themselves and families?
    This 7am to 3pm curfew is indeed suicidal, unreflective and inhumane. Please relax the measures, Mr. President. Can you provide bags of rice for all 4.5 million Liberians? Do you think all Liberians like parasitic lives to beg for bread?

    My proposal
    It would be reasonable to allow our people to come out from 6am to 8pm. In this way, social distancing would be respected, people would have ample time to commute and be home in time, hands-to-mouth existence would be assured at 60% to maintain the livelihood of many impoverished people, and the tensions between the police and the people would automatically subside.

    I hope and pray that someone somewhere will hear me!

  4. I first saw this photo on Facebook 3 days ago. And West Pointers said it happened in West Point. Now Sonpon is using the same picture to say it happened in Grand Kru county. Hmmmm, journalists!!

  5. Leroy M. Sonpon III, you are very bias and unbalance in your reporting. Your report is also an incitement of citizens against state security. when police officers and other state security personnel are brutalizes or even kill, non of you take it as a headlines. In Liberia we say “when dog bite man its no news, but when man bite a dog its a big news'”. Keep up your incitement.


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