Citizens Against Division of Nimba County Wants County-wide Dialogue

Nimba County

Link several prominent Nimbaians for ‘secret support’

Former candidates who vied for election in Nimba County District #5 have found themselves into a group strongly opposed to the division of the county as currently being propagated by Representative Samuel Kogar (District #5), who the opposition has described as a self-appointed advocate seeking to divide the county.

According to a press release under the signature of Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, secretary general and spokesperson of the anti-Divide Nimba Group (ADNG), Representative Kogar has not delivered on his campaign promises of providing better roads, well-equipped health centers, and functioning schools, but has chosen to propagate the division of the county.

Additionally, Dr. Dahn and the other former candidates in District #5, have said that Rep. Kogar, along with his alleged surrogate supporters, are now aiming to divide Nimba County for their “selfish” political aggrandizement.

The anti-Divide Nimba Group accused other prominent sons and daughter (not named) of the county for secretly canvassing to divide the county.

The release, which was signed by five persons, including Joseph G. Wehyee, Dahn Nyanway, Kadiker Rex Dahn, Railey G. Myers and Joe K. Touah, said the accused persons are bent on disuniting the once united people of Nimba County, “because they claimed that the two senators currently in Parliament are both from the Dan (Gio) ethnic group, and so others feel marginalized, and are therefore sowing the seeds of disunity based on tribal grievances.

Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn

Dr. Dahn explained that Kogar and his alleged backers have a collective hatred for Senator Prince Y. Johnson, who they say is wielding enormous political influence and gaining popularity within the county.

Dr. Dahn said that the advocacy of Rep. Kogar against Sen. Johnson is “unfortunate, because Sen. Johnson was responsible for the political development of Rep. Kogar, who was his protégé in the county.

“We wonder why Rep. Kogar and his allies cannot make themselves more relevant to the people of Nimba County and diminish the political influence and popularity of Sen. Johnson, but want to divide a biologically, culturally and intertwined group of people,” the release said.

However, ADNG noted that besides these few dissatisfied individuals (in disguise), majority of the people of Nimba County are also strongly opposed to the county’s division, seeing such a division as a recipe for weakening the political and economic foundations for which the “Fathers of Nimba shed their blood.”

ADNG concluded by calling for dialogue to be held in the presence of the people of the County for resolution that would prevent the proposed division exercise, so that the county can remain “numerically, socially, and politically strong.”

Rep. Kogar recently told a radio audience in the county that he has received a petition from registered voters to introduce a bill to divide the county. “I am not doing this in my own name, but in behalf of Nimbaians who believe in development,” Kogar is said to have told Radio Saclepea and Karn Voice of Peace.

It can recalled that the hotly debated idea to create multiple counties out of Nimba surfaced at the  Legislature.

Rep. Samuel G. Kogar

Meanwhile, Rep. Kogar has said that his office has received a petition calling for the division of Nimba. He said the petitioners largely originating from Lower and Central Nimba  want to “ensure that development reaches the people much faster.”

Kogar said the petitioners noted that the division of the county is necessary, because of its increasing population growth.

“This petition insists that there should be Lower Nimba County, Central Nimba County, and Upper Nimba County,” he said. “Lower Nimba County will be comprised of Kpablee, Tappita, and Yarwin-Mesonnoh, and as well as Gbi and Doru.”

Kogar added that the petitioners asked that Central Nimba be comprised of Zoegeh Statutory District and Saclepea-Mahn Statutory District, while Gbelay-geh and Sanniquellie-Mahn Statutory Districts would be considered Upper Nimba.

The petition, according to Kogar, believe that in spite of a large land mass and population, Nimba continues to suffer from underdevelopment in terms of road connectivity, infrastructure, and human resources. The petitioners also noted that the people affected the most are those residing in the central and lower parts of the county.

Kogar said though he has received the petition, he will not act upon it until consultations are done with his constituents, but on the contrary, he said the petition to divide the county remains the “constitutional right of the people, as prescribed in Article 17 of the Constitution.”

It states, “All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their representatives, to petition the government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.”

“If you read also Article 34 (a) of the Constitution, it also gives power to the representatives to create counties and new boundaries,” he added. “I think the citizens in their own minds were very much objective, and that is why they [gave] me their petition.”

It states, The Legislature shall have the power to to create new counties and other political sub-division, and readjust existing county boundaries..”

Nimba County

Despite the petitioners’ aim of pursuing holistic development, Nimba remains one of the more developed counties. The 2016 Household Income and Expenditure Survey ranked the county as having the fifth highest literacy rate of the 15 counties. Nimba also has the sixth lowest rate of poverty, and is an agricultural powerhouse, being first in the production of rice, the  (country’s stable food) and cassava (county’s stable food) respectively.


  1. The Nimba county issue is interesting. But, the Nimbaians should not allow the split-up issue to go out of hand. The tools of negotiation, compromise, respect for oneself and others should not be ruled out as serious discussion heats up. On the other hand, I understand why some Nimbaians would welcome a split-up. If the split-up goes through, more government money will flow in that region. I am uncertain about what may happen next. Okay, for purposes of this discussion, let’s say that Nimba county successfully splits up. What happens next? Will the people of Bong county split up? Or, will Grand Gedeh and Bassa counties follow suit? By asking the above questions, I am not suggesting that the split-up discussion should be discontinued.

    A thought, not a sermon.

  2. The idea perpetrated by Hon. Sam Kogar and his surrogates to split Nimba County will not materialize. If anyone feels that Senator Johnson is the problem in Nimba County, there should be a better way to approach the situation. When did Kogar realized that Nimba County needs to be divided? Did he realize that development is not reaching all parts of the county after he got into confusion with Senator Johnson? We are one of the well developed counties in Liberia. All we need to do is to look into constitutional provision and make amendment asking for more representation base on population concentration. I believe we have burning issues in the county to discuss such as bringing non Nimbaians into Arcelormittal to take up higher positions with the company why educated Nimba Citizens are left out or opening Nimba County Bank account in Nimba County and keep our our development funds and AML social development funds. However, the citizens of Nimba County voted for you representatives to go in the house and represent them’ but you have chosen to engage in fighting each and others and this is the result, but trust us, Hon. Kogar you and your Nimba divide group will fail and we are more United than before to fight you legally.

  3. There is nothing wrong with splitting Nimba. There has always been an invisible split anyway. Just do it peacefully ,that’s it !

  4. Prince Johnson and the some elements of Nimba are triggering people to call for spilting. I am a Krahn man from Nimba. We are the onces that did not benefit from Doe administration and we remained poor until the war started. We were in Nimba during the Nimba raid and some of our people lost their lives as well. During the war, some Gio people massacred our people just because they are Krahn. They burned old people alive and people were thrown in the water wells. I hope human should be subjected to that.
    Furthermore, my uncle was recently chosen to be a developement superintendent by President Weah, but Prince Johnson said over his dead body, he will not allow that to happen because my uncle is a Krahn man. You will think, nobody professing Christianity will utter such unloving and unneeded statement. The first superintendent of Grand Gedeh was from Nimba county.
    I have notice so much heatred and fear are in the minds of Nimbaians. Nimbaians has been fed fear by individuals that seeks to control their mind for votes. As Christians and knowning how temporary life is, I wonder what await these wicked minded people who spread fear. Poeple of Nimba need God intervention now. May God love return to Nimba county. Spiltting or not is the main issue but we should stop people from monopolizing power in the county.

    • Prince Johnson should be behind bars and any Nimbanian supporting him solely on the basis of his self imposed status as “keeper” of Nimba county should think again. This man is a selfish man and is no good to Nimba at any time. He is a war criminal who ordered the “butchering” of another human on tape ( this subsequently led to his death). There is also a photographic and witness evidence of Prince Johnson executing a handcuffed civillian on the internet. This man belongs behind bars like Charles Taylor and many others who roam freely about in Liberia, patronized by government jobs and Lording it over people they subjected to extreme victimization during the civil crises that ensued. Samuel Doe was not untainted either, but he should have had his day in court and eventually behind bars as well. I am not for the death penalty, but those who commit atrocities should have their day in court and if found guilty eventually , behind bars.

      I am off topic here , but it hurts to see the very same people who betrayed us, abused us still roam about freely with so much power. Is that the definition of reconciliation? There is too much tribal divide in this little country. Why ?? Let every Liberian be treated as a Liberian , and not as a member of a particular tribe.

      Thinking Liberia will help build the country, thinking tribal , will only take us back to where we started from. My opinion on the division of the county into two or 3 counties is not a negative decision as long as it is done in peace. This is not the first time a county has been devided in Liberia. Just do it without too much noise in the background!

  5. Sorry, some typos. “I hope human should be subjected to that” I hope no human should be subjected to that
    “Spiltting” Splitting.

  6. I’m Masen Robert Yealue Jr,from Nimba county Dist.5,I’m totally against the division of Nimba county,that’s a complete selfishness,power greed,it’s completely nonsense!!we the people of district 5 say no to it.


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