Cities Alliance Liberia Launches Community-led Climate Adaptation Projects for Coastal Communities


Cities  Alliance Liberia Country Programme has launched a Call for Proposals under its  Community Upgrading  Fund  (CUF), to  support  small climate adaptation projects selected and  implemented by residents of WestPoint and King Gray in Monrovia. 

The main purpose of the initiative is to help informal coastal communities build their resilience and better adapt to climate shocks. The initiative, presented during an inception workshop, is part of Cities Alliance Global Programme on Climate Change, Resilience and Informality funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida and  the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development – BMZ. The CUF is a community-driven, inclusive, development initiative from Cities Alliance that provides financing for small infrastructure projects selected by the communities themselves. The  approach enables  the  urban poor to make a measurable impact by improving their access to basic services, enhancing their quality of life, and creating a better work environment. 

The new Call for Proposals will focus on projects addressing the potential impacts of climate change on women, young people, vulnerable and underrepresented groups in urban poor communities.  The selected projects should be inclusive and create opportunities for engagement with local governments and other relevant stakeholders, and demonstrate their potential to catalyse transformational change. 

The Cities Alliance Liberia Country Programme (LCP) provides long-term, programmatic support to help Liberia realize its developmental objectives in a way that benefits  the majority of the urban poor.  Launched in 2016, Cities Alliance LCP is an ambitious, multi-level urban development programme that aims to improve the lives and opportunities of up to 400,000 slum dwellers in Greater Monrovia.  Its strategic areas of work currently include waste management, water  provision, urban governance, gender equality and resilience.


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