“Churches, Recruiting Grounds for Secret Societies” Says Rev. Dunbar

Mr. Joseph N. Boakai with Rev. Simeon L. Dunbar at Friday's service at the Liberty Christian Center.

Christian denominations in Liberia have been suspected as grounds to scout members of the various “secret societies,” which are being described as “enemies of progress.”

To this suspicion, the founder and president of the Liberty Christian Center, Reverend/Doctor Simeon L. Dunbar, on Friday, April 12, 2019, said churches in Liberia have now become the recruiting grounds for secret societies, instead of becoming the salt and light in the land to preach the Gospel.

Dunbar made the remarks on Friday at the climax of 72-hour prayer and fasting the church, held in collaboration with the Heal the Land Ministerial Prayer Network, under the theme, “This Nation is Not for Sale.”

The 72-hour prayer and fasting was aimed at renewing the altars of the church in the land.

The service, which coincided with this year’s National Fast and Prayer Day, was attended by former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and several other clergies as well as students and congregations of different denominations.

Rev. Dunbar said the churches have lost their integrity in the land and suggested that the members should turn to God. “Until that is done,” he said, “our God will not turn to us.”

“Our churches have to take the position of twins’ mother, not being the one to lead a political rally against another party, or lead a tribal group against another tribe, as was the case during the country’s 14-year civil crisis (1989-2003),” he said.

According to Dunbar, many of those in leadership positions in the churches have compromised their respective roles by submitting themselves to the doings of political rulers.

“Instead of preaching the truth as contained in the Gospel, clergies are now using our churches for hosting political rallies; use the churches as breeding grounds for satanic purposes, because there are people in churches nowadays that have subscribed to beliefs outside the theoretical doctrines,” Rev. Dunbar said.

Speaking on the theme, “Renewing the Altar in the Midst of Trouble,” Rev. Dunbar said “Liberians are hard to learn and quick to forget,” but stressed the need for all, irrespective of statuses to “remember where God took this from to reach some appreciable level.”

According to him, the time has come for Liberians to stand up for the truth and stop compromising the truth, which will help to bring God in our national life.

“Every time we replace God with something else, He gets angry with us,” he said.

“Liberians must remember or be reminded that our Declaration of Independence was signed in a church, particularly the Providence Baptist Church. By law, we made the second Friday in April every year as Fast and Prayer Day, but our people use this day to go on the various beaches instead of praying for the land,” Dunbar cried.

He observed that the nation is being sold through the mysteries of witchcraft activities and, today, there are broad day witches in the church of God.

Against this backdrop, Rev. Dunbar wants the churches to stand as the salt and light in the land, where people in need of spiritual healing, should go and renew their vows at the altars.

“Today, parents are encouraging their children to get involve into prostitution. Gone are the days that Liberians respected police stations, court houses, but on the contrary, we set those places on fire, because there is no more law and order in the land,” Rev. Dunbar recalled.

“Our schools, government ministries, agencies, national heritage, our churches, our pride, our land, natural resources and the future of the children are not for sale,” Dunbar told the congregation.

“Few months ago, Liberians shouted for change, and now we see changes for something else. Therefore, we need to remember God, because He has allowed us to do what we want,” he said.

“We should not be promoting poverty, because it will lead us to total failure; we have allowed corruption to become the order of the day to the extent that, today, we see evils and call them our God,” Dunbar said.

For former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, he lauded Rev. Dunbar for the good work he continues to do for Liberia through his ministry.

“You have taken on national duty, and so God will continue to be with you. We are grateful to you for the sacrifices in praying for our country,” Boakai said in encouragement to Rev. Dunbar, to the delight of members of the congregation.

Mr. Baokai added, “through your congregation, God will bless Liberia and the people, but the need for total reconciliation cannot be overly emphasized.”

“It is no secret that Liberians are really suffering, and so the government needs to do something about the country’s hardship. Our people have to improve their lives and move from this long suffering,” Mr. Boakai warned.


  • Anthony Kokoi is a young Liberian sports writer who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. For the past few years, he has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is an associate member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). He is a promoter of young talents. He also writes match reports and makes an analysis of Liberian Football.


  1. Any denomination that identifies as a church should do all that’s possible to advance God’s agenda for mankind. It is hard to believe that “some churches” in Liberia are suspected of recruiting for reasons other thanking God for His grace that’s greater than our sins.

    There are two important things that some people do not comprehend. They are:

    (1). God calls or appoints people to His Ministry..

    (2). Instead of being called to the Ministry by God Himself, some people call themselves to God’s Ministry.

    Whenever God makes His selection by appointing a woman or a man to advance His agenda, the Ministry of the caller does well. Example, sometimes church membership increases or sometimes good things happen in that environment. Whereas on the other hand when a buffoon calls himself or herself to God’s Ministry, some “funny things” happen.

    In a midwestern city (name of city withheld), a pastor and his wife became dishonest to one another. The pastor became romantically involved with a woman and of course, his wife did precisely the same. The pastor-and-wife- cheating relationships ensued for a good while. Everything they did was kept as a tight secret! Well, guess what? There came a day when God got fed up with their foolishness and decided to exposed their buffoonery.. The hypocrite pastor took his significant other to a motel in order for their usual hanky-panky to go on. At the same motel, the pastor’s wife booked a room for her lover. Well, the pastor and wife did what they had set out to do and as they walked out of their respective motel rooms, they ran into each other with their lovers’ hands lovingly held. They gawked at each other without having a word to say.. Woof!

    The news broke out. Church members became upset. The pastor and his wife broke up and filed for divorce.

    The bottom line?
    The pastor called himself to God’s Ministry. He should have waited to be called by God.
    So I am not totally surprised that “some churches” in Liberia are driving out of their lane. God didn’t call some of those pastors.

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