Church Seeks Justice in Member’s Death

Bishop Kun Kun wants Police investigate the death of Madam Darku to bring the suspect(s) to justice.

The City of Light, Church of God (COL-COG) in Barnersville is seeking justice in the death of one of its members who was brutally murdered in the Caldwell/Dixville area nearly a month ago. Madam Lydia Darku was reportedly murdered by a group spearheaded by an unnamed deportee while seeking refuge near a home from a heavy downpour of rain during early morning hours.

Community dwellers said that the occupants of the house she sought refuge near perceived that she was a witch—a situation that provoked others to beat her mercilessly, eventually leading to her brutal murder by the deportee and others.

The Church, COL-COG, through its Bishop and Head Shepherd, John Kun Kun, has since condemned the brutal murder of Mrs. Darku, who they considered one of their staunch members.

The church is however disappointed in the manner in which the Liberia national police is handling the case and is thereby calling for the vigorous investigation to the incident(s) leading to the death of its member.

“Up to present, the church has been awaiting the police to come up with findings into the matter, but to no avail, as we understand the alleged murderer continues to give conflicting accounts,” the Church said in a release on Wednesday.

“The City of Light, Church of God holds that Mrs. Darku, who has been a registered member of the church along with your family was a peaceful, harmless citizen and a faithful Christian with no linkage to witchcraft activities,” the release noted.

The Bishop said, “The church needs justice to be served in this matter and calls on the judiciary to fairly dispense justice no matter who is affected or connected in such matters. Let justice be done to all people.”

Bishop Kun Kun said he and the congregation, as a Church, refuse to believe the unfounded allegations from her alleged murderers and call on the LNP to bring this matter to closure. “Nobody has the right to take anyone’s life on mere speculations,” he noted.

The prelate is also calling on President George Weah to the wave of killings, some unsolved, across the country. According to the prelate “the spillage of innocent blood is not a good sign for any leadership and the government must ensure that the security of its citizens is paramount.

He noted that confidence building between security forces and the public is crucial to avoiding mob justice and other unlawful loss of life and properties.”


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