Church School ‘Set Ablaze’


The Apostolic Foundation High School, located on Tubman Boulevard at the Airfield Junction (near Vamoma House) went ablaze late Monday evening, gutting several classrooms as well as the principal’s office.  While there were no casualties, one man was injured from a gash on his leg while trying to help bring the fire under control. Eyewitnesses alleged the cause of the fire to be an arson attack by a young man (name unconfirmed) believed to have been expelled from the school earlier this academic year. 

According to sources, the young man, upon his expulsion from the school, was heard threatening that before the school year was over, he would burn down the school. It was this same person, sources say, who was caught in a vacant property adjoining the school fence as the fire began. The suspect has been turned over to police custody. Neither police nor school authorities were available for comment.  The fire is said to have started shortly after 10:00 p.m., Monday, May 12, 2014.

The Apostolic Foundation High School is the educational arm of the Sinkor United Pentecostal Church, located on the corner of Tubman Boulevard and Airfield Road.


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