Church of Christ Donates Ebola Relief Items


The Central Church of Christ in Sanniquellie, in partnership with Healing Hands International of Nashville Tennessee, USA, has donated a 40-foot  container of medical supplies and food items to some communities in Sanniquellie and Monrovia.

  The total cost of the donation is estimated at $40,000USD.

Mission Director Elijah P. Massaquoi, who spoke in a conference call recently,  expressed his heartfelt sympathy to families who lost loved ones during the Ebola crisis.

He said God will comfort and strengthen them during this painful time in the history of Liberia. 

 Director Massaquoi also thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the government for their efforts in fighting Ebola and added, “Though we are far away, yet our hearts and prayers are with you all.  

 “Liberia as a nation and as a people have always overcome and therefore will overcome this crisis and it will soon be history,  God willing,” he declared.

  The 40ft container  carried relief items  including rice, cooking oil, soap, hand sanitizer, Clorox, pain reliever while beneficiaries included parents, children and the elderly.

  The medical materials were donated to several clinics in Nimba and other  part of Liberia.

   In Nimba 10 health facilities received supplies from the container.  These facilities included G. W. Harley Hospital in Sanniquellie, Bahn Health Center, Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center, Zodru Clinic, Payee Clinic, Korzowayamon Clinic in Ganta, and Wehplay Clinic Medical Center.

Other facilities outside of Nimba included the SOS Clinic in Monrovia as well as other health facilities in Maryland County whose  distribution was done through Harper Church of Christ.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Church, Preachers Festus G. Lee, J. Marcus Wehye and Amos D. George expressed their gratitude to Healing Hands International, Joseph Smith (director of operations HHI) for helping and making the donation during one of the most difficult times in the history of Liberia.

They said, “Although Liberia is recovering from the Ebola outbreak, much still needs to be done.”

They extended their appreciation to Director Massaquoi, the Fremont Church of Christ elders, Larry Cheeves, Earl Pinson, Brett Roby and Churches of Christ in the San Francisco Bay Area, California-USA.

“We are very grateful for the gesture and very thankful to God for strengthening every one of you for this kind gesture,” they added.

During the distribution several persons were baptized.

The City Mayor of Sanniquellie, Mary Nyan Gonlepa, also extended her thanks to the Church Leadership, the Healing Hands International, Joseph Smith and the mission director for the assistance to the community and the people of Liberia and hoped others will follow suit.


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