Church Group Seeks Partnership with Liberia


The senior coordinator of His Church, a non-denominational Christian group in the United Kingdom, Richard Humphrey, informed Ministry of Youth and Sports officials last Friday of a partnership with the government to bring into the country a huge consignment of sports materials free of charge. He said the organization is already working through the office of Vice President Joseph Boakai in support of his National High School Football and Kickball Championship.

The theme of the ongoing National High School Football and Kickball Championship is “Promoting Sports and Education,” with the main aim of encouraging players to remain in school. The kickball and soccer tournament, under the sponsorship of Vice President Boakai, is going on throughout the country and the finals are scheduled to be held in Monrovia in August.

Richard Humphrey said the leader of His Church, Rev. Trevor Cockings, was ‘directed’ by God to help Liberia, which he began when he furnished the Liberian embassy in the United Kingdom at the church’s expense. Humphrey told officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports that Rev. Cockings was subsequently invited to Liberia by the Liberian government and based on his contribution to the development of the country was awarded the Humane Order of African Redemption, Liberia’s highest distinguished honor.

“Rev. Cockings is passionate about helping Liberia,” Humphrey said. “There is a Liberian saying that when someone rubs your back you should also rub your stomach.” Therefore, he said Rev. Cockings has been able to convince football clubs in the Premier League in England to donate thousands of brand new jerseys and sports equipment to Liberia, for which Humphrey is seeking duty-free privileges, since the thousands of sports equipment are for the development of Liberian youths. He showed ministry officials several samples of jerseys from most of the teams in the Premier League of England. Humphrey said His Church also provides daily meals for thousands of kids throughout the United Kingdom and wants to do the same in Liberia.

On behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Deputy Minister for Administration, Madam T. Nancy Freeman, commended His Church and Rev. Cockings for supporting the development of Liberian kids through sports and education. “We want to thank Rev. Trevor Cockings for taking a particular interest in Liberia and that can only be done by God because he (Rev. Cockings) told us the Lord directed him to Liberia and he started with our embassy in London and we all happy. Coming again this time to us with the intention of helping our kids in the sporting arena, we are pleased to know that people somewhere think about us and desire to work with us to reach our goal,” Freeman said.

Madam Freeman said the Ministry of Youth and Sports is the primary agent of the government with the responsibility to ensure the development of sports in the country. She said she was glad with His Church’s decision to come to Liberia to seek a partnership for Liberia’s sake. She promised to convey the request to Minister Saah Charles N’Tow, who was expected in the country from an official trip abroad.


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