Christmas Fever Hits Ganta, Despite Hardship

Late evening rush hours on Ganta main street

Despite the hardship and the slow movement of goods and services, Christmas fever has hit the commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County, with the main street and the general market very crowded with goods and people.

Every street corner is also decorated with goods, with a huge influx of people from everywhere seen busy preparing for the natal day of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, December 25.

The entire atmosphere in the preparation is very calm and peaceful, but traders and car owners are complaining about business being very slow.

“Our goods are not moving to our expectation; everything is slow, no money,” said Mary Moore, a used clothes seller.

This dishes store, “Fefe Buz Center”, remained opened until late evening for Christmas shopping

Many buyers are also complaining about the high cost of goods and services, making things very difficult. “We are making prices high,” said Esther Gonkarnue, “if we don’t manage the business well, we will run into losses because of the high exchange rate.”

“We are very happy to reach this time of the year; even if things are hard, we will still manage to do our shopping for the celebration of Christmas and New Year,” said an elderly man from Karnplay.

In late November this year, there was an acute shortage of Liberian banknotes in the market, especially the commercial banks. Banks in Ganta were crowded with customers carrying out their financial transactions.

However, businesses appear to be flourishing across Ganta with the opening of more stores in Ganta.

Several electronic, building, and household materials stores, as well as pharmacies and nightclubs, are doing business, despite the slow pace of business.

In another development, the joint security in Ganta, headed by the Liberia National Police (LNP) has stepped up security across the city and has raided hideouts of suspected criminals and increased night patrols.


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