Christians Urged to Refrain from Violence

Rev. Kollie

By Chris F. Pewu

A prelate of the Assembly of God Church in the Old Road Community, outside Monrovia, has called on fellow Christians to practice pure worship by shunning acts that have the tendency to make the devil triumph over them.

Reverend Francis Kollie, in a recent Daily Observer exclusive interview, said that if Christians follow the example of Jesus Christ, Liberia will remain a peaceful nation.

Kollie said no nation can become successful if the citizens are not united to work for the common good.

Rev. Kollie  urged politicians to remain committed to the idea of rebuilding a stronger nation.

He said that Liberians have suffered for so long through many crises, including the civil war and the devastating Ebola outbreak.

The Assembly of God Church in collaboration with the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) will work together to ensure that peace prevails in the country, Rev. Kollie said.

“To achieve a peaceful nation, Liberians must desist from tribal politics, and live together as one people,” Kollie said.

Speaking on the upcoming November runoff presidential election, he said it is the constitutional right of every Liberian to vote, but they must do so wisely during the November poll.

“As authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have declared campaign for the run-off open, I want Liberians to develop a good sense of responsibility that would preach peace rather than instigate chaos,” Rev. Kollie said.

He said humans by birth are politically inclined, but they must practice politics in a good manner.

He called on Liberians to take the election seriously by coming out to vote on November 7.

He has, meanwhile, commended the leadership of the NEC and the joint security forces for their efforts during the October 10 elections.

The prelate concluded that it is about time Liberians show love for their neighbors and do away with discrimination, which he said can create serious setbacks for any development objective.



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