Christians Pinpoint Their Shortcomings

Mrs. Wehyee commenting on how Christians no longer respect Sunday

Some Christians in Ganta, Nimba County, have blamed demoralized activities and acts of disobedience to God on the church.

Making statements in separate interviews on Thanksgiving Day, Christians who converged at the Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta, said activities leading to immorality and disobedience to God’s statutes are mostly committed by Christians.

In one instance, Deborah Kau Wehyee said her research has shown that most of the people selling in the market on Sunday are Christians who abandon their Christian duties on Sunday to chase money.

Mrs. Wehyee, who also serves on the Gompa City Council (GCC), said disregarding Sunday service to chase money does not only affect the churches but also the city corporation because it keeps the city filthy every time.

According to her, the city corporation ensures that the streets are swept on Saturday evening, but Sunday sellers return and refill the streets with trash.

She said even Muslims who should resist selling on Sunday are obedient to observing the day since it is regulated as a resting day on the calendar.

Selling on Sunday has become customary in most parts of Liberia, unlike the pre-war days when marketers were barred from selling on Sunday.

Currently, only the Joe Bar Market on Old Road, District # 10 in Montserrado County, has a restriction in place for marketers not to sell on Sunday. The other area noted so far, for now, is Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, where all marketing activities are halted on Sunday.

In another view, a clergyman of the United Liberia Inland Church and President of the Liberia International Christian College (LICC), Rev. Dr. Nuwoe James Kiamu, declared that much of Liberia’s problems are engineered by the church that should serve as a role model for the society.

Clergyman Kiamu’s statement was contained in his keynote message on Thanksgiving Day to Christians who converged under the umbrella of the Ganta Christian Community to commemorate the day.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Liberia on the first Thursday in November of every year.  It is celebrated by Christians and Muslims, to give praises to the heavenly Father for his manifold blessings upon the nation and its people.

On this day in Ganta, Nimba County, the clergyman emphasized that argument about making Liberia a secular state in the Liberian Constitution was championed by Christians who sat on the Constitutional Committee to rewrite it in 1986.

According to him, a lot of Liberians are Christians and sympathizers of Christianity; but instead of rejecting what will undermine the church, the very Christians sometimes become advocates of the wrong.

Liberia has 85.6% Christians (Index Mundi, 2018) and a lot of them work in government and private areas; but Rev. Dr. Kiamu said it is unfortunate that a lot of Christians are caught in wrongdoing which does not bring glory to the God they serve.

He further recalled that during the Samuel Doe Administration when the issue of Thanksgiving Day was raised, Christians were the ones to resist the celebration, though their resistance was defeated by people in favor.

In the case of removing the teaching of the Bible in the curriculum of public schools, the clergyman said the decision was meant to revise the curriculum in order to set a balance that every Liberian of different religious background will feel inclusive; but many churches, according to him, have halted the teaching of the moral virtues they must teach from the Bible.

The activities mentioned by the two persons are not the only ones being reported or noted of Christians.

The media has over the years reported Christian men engaging in rape and corruption in the church, some of which they have been sentenced for.

Rev. Dr. Kiamu did not draw back from admitting Christians’ involvement in corruption, raping and other immoral acts; however, he said they are human beings like any other people and it brings God’s word to reality about human behavior.


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