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Offering lifters of the Presbyterian Church on Johnson Street in central Monrovia have expressed satisfaction in the way the leadership utilizes money collected for church projects.

Speaking on behalf of special lifters and guests during the launch of a project undertaken by the church’s choir, Mr. Benoni Urey, who served as the Chief Lifter, said money collected by the choir last year for a project was used for the intended purpose.

Mr. Urey, who is an elder in the church, said unlike some churches that lift offerings without revealing what the leadership does with the money, the Presbyterian choir has demonstrated a high level of trust that leaves no doubt in the minds of church members about what the choir does with the collected funds.

It may be recalled that in October last year the church’s choir, under the leadership of Ms. Vyrl Gaye, wrote a number of people, including its members, to contribute special offerings for the purpose of installing carpets on the floors of the Church.

An amount of US$7,500 and an undisclosed sum of Liberian dollars were raised for the project. The funds collected also supported several unbudgeted projects as the result of the congregation’s overwhelming response to the choir’s call.

According to Ms. Gaye, this year saw collections of US$9,451 and LD$15,975, which will be used for reconstruction work on the church.

She said that the choir would see to it that the projects are done in a timely manner, saying that “history is built on the past and since the choir has a history of living by its word, lifters can be assured that they will see the result of their contributions.”

“It is a custom of the church that October of every year is the choir’s month to undertake a project. This year we want to tile the front view of the church and fix the benches,” she announced.

Ms. Gaye expressed confidence that the budgeted amount of more than US$4,000 will be raised, stating that “if the children of God ask for anything in His name, He will do it.”

Meanwhile, special lifters of this year’s offering included presidential hopeful Urey, Samuel A. Wlue, David F. Williams, Hans Barchue, Choima Mang, Louise B. Roberts, former Senator Richard Devine, Zeze Reeds and Tugbe Doe.


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