Christian Organization Launches ‘World Changers Club’

A cross section of youths at the launch of the World Changers Club in Paynesville.jpg

A non-denominational Christian organization, Heal The World Mission Incorporated, launched a youth program named ‘World Changers Club’ over the weekend in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The program is aimed towards developing young people’s minds and skills so they can contribute toward future leadership responsibilities.

It was attended by over 300 participants, including church leaders, students, and parents.

Launching the program on Saturday, the president and founder of Heal The World Mission, Dr. Tola Olukilede, stressed the need for more attention to be paid to youth development for a better society.

“We need a revolution that would invest in the lives of youths in Africa. In Liberia, we have young people that can bring about the light of positive change to a potentially dark future,” he went on to explian, “we as a nation are endowed with few men of integrity who can bring about the changes we want. That is why youth development must be a priority,” he stressed.

He said that Liberia’s program would help young people realize their potential through the provision of scholarships to pursue quality education to better their lives.

“This program would provide a platform for breeding successful leaders who are going to transform their world,” he declared.

He mentioned that the greatest need of human race in today’s society is good leadership.

“The economic woes that have brought about poverty, wars, corruption, are the result of bad leaders. Therefore we must breed new and profound leaders for the future,” he overemphasized.

According to Dr. Olukilede, the program is currently being carried out in many states in Nigeria; creating opportunities for young people.

He added that it is expected to extend to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and other African countries in the near future.

He then called on the government of Liberia to support the program to obtain its objectives.

He also used the occasion to inaugurate the Liberian Chapter of the World Changers Club.

Pastor Reginald Taylor is the coordinator of the program in Liberia.

He told our reporter that since the introduction of the program in Liberia; approximately ninety-eight youths have gained access to scholarships pursuing quality education at Liberian universities and secondary schools.

“We are thankful for the program because it has helped to equip young people, especially those who lack the means to improve their lives,” he disclosed.


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