‘Choose the Liberia You Want, Not the Liberia You Have,’ Says Cummings

File from the Campaign: ANC standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings (right) and his running mate, Jeremiah Sulunteh

Alexander B. Cummings, the standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), has urged Liberians to vote very wisely in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections to avoid the country remaining in the throes of darkness — of which past decisions have led the country into.

“I hope on October 10, you will choose the Liberia you want, not the Liberia you have; not the Liberia you know, but the Liberia you deserve,” Mr. Cummings said. “I finally ask you to think of the most important decision our country will have to make and how it will determine the future of this great nation we love.”

Cummings added: “Liberia finds itself at a fork in the road which can lead us in two different directions, down a familiar road of foreign-aid reliance, market instability, corruption, and poverty — or down a path of economic growth, job creation, reconciliation and infrastructure development.”

The ANC standard bearer’s assertion was contained in a broadcast message as part of his 170th independence message to Liberians.

“An ANC-led government promises to make our economy, rule of law and quality of life become the envy of our neighbors,” he indicated.

Meanwhile, in a recent press statement when Mr. Cummings met partisans in Ganta, Nimba County, he told Liberians to reject the continuity of the Unity Party-led government if they truly want change.

“If you keep doing the same thing every day, over and over, nothing will change. The first step we have to change our country is this pending October 10, 2017, presidential elections,” Cummings said.

He made the remarks when a group of pastors under the banner “Cummings One Round Victory” endorsed his candidacy.

He added: “The ANC represents new wine in new bottle, not new wine in an old bottle. The ANC is not a repackaged group of leaders.

“We don’t represent continuity because you can look around our country and see what continuity has brought us. We represent change; we want to do things differently. We want to do things better so the average Liberian can feel something different in his or her life.”

“We have to make tough changes to change our country. And those changes should begin [with] the October 10, 2017, election.”

Acknowledging the hurt created as a result of the civil war in the country in which approximately 250,000 lost their lives, Mr. Cummings called for the building of monuments for those who were hurt, adding that it will be difficult for Liberians to reconcile with each other.

“Let’s be real: the civil war left a bad memory for us as Liberians and if we are to forget and reconcile, it will require the collective involvement of everyone. We will need to build monuments and apologize to some of those who whose relatives were gruesomely murdered. If we start to do that, then our aim of reconciling citizens will be met,” Mr. Cummings added.

He also identified corruption as a major barrier to the growth and development of the country and promised to adopt an aggressive posture in tackling corruption when elected as president.

“We will be very serious in prosecuting people who steal from the government. We will start with officials of government because when they steal it affects thousands of Liberians. We will jail them and seize their assets because it is not good enough for people who steal to just resign,” he said. “Transparency is another way of tackling corruption.”


  1. Thank you Let us choose the Liberia that can be not the one we have to settle for. With Cummings we will go far, not like the corrupt big mouth so-called millionaire, the so-call Bassa man who feel that the presidency is his birthright, the womanizer footballer, or the sleeping papay. We need a visionary.

  2. “Choose the Liberia you WANT.” Are you kidding me? That’s our major/biggest “LIBERIAN PROBLEM”. We, Liberians have always chosen the Liberia we want. Sorry! It has never done us any GOOD. In Life, we better choose, “what/who we NEED; not what/who we WANT.” Ask your self. What comes first? Your Needs or your Wants? That’s the QUESTION… We are doomed; when we put our WANTS before our NEEDS. Liberia NEEDS A LEADER: “Of The People, For The People, By The People.” J. Nyumah Boakai is our MAN.

    • Henry, you are a philosopher. Thanks for your words of wisdom, bro. “The Coca Cola Man” thinks that he has all the answers, but interestingly we already have chosen our leader, so he can just wait around until the “Papay” sees reason to appoint him as an adviser.

    • Freeman and Paye, your thoughts do not make sense. So if you NEED to take care of your business you WANT a leader to go find you the woman? You are a grown man so take care of your own NEED. A leader takes care of your aspirations, your desires. He can build the road, if you NEED money, you will travel on that road to get to sell stuff to take care of your WANT. Getting a bag of rice or %25 from another candidate will take care of your NEED for a day but at the end it does not mean squat. What we WANT is a developed Liberia, what we WANT is a transparent and corrupt free Liberia; what we WANT is a person who has proven himself in the business world and does not NEED Liberia money to survive: What we WANT is Cummings. .

      • Ms. J; Why don’t you research the words; Want and Need, to convince yourself? There’s a big difference between your Needs and your Wants. I should/must remind you. Your need is a necessity; where as your want, is not a necessity. I stand by my words. “We forget our Needs; to get get our Wants.” That’s one of our biggest problem in Liberia. I urge you to visit the University of Liberia. Speak to a Professor of Economics. There is a whole chapter on the subjects of WANTS and NEEDS. Nothing Further!

        • I am baffle at your response here Henry, you seem to be an educated individual, but your choice of the V.P. as the one that Liberia needs at this juncture is a joke. What has he done for the country after serving in government for more than 30 years? Not a damn thing! Wake up my brother and accept the facts, Alexander Cummings is the only candidate in this race who is corruption free, who had the vision and the ability to move Liberia forward, to take it’s rightful place as the oldest independent Africa nation developmental wise. It’s thinking like yours, that is robbing Liberia of the opportunity to move forward, free of corruption. You continue to think that putting “old wine in new bottle” will make a difference. Not so! It’s not going to work. Liberia neede a new breed of leadership, not those corrupt, self centered crooks that are pillaging the country’s resources at every opportunity they get. Boikai had been a failure fore more than 30 years serving in one capacity or another and has accomplished nothing that we as Liberians can point to as his accomplishment for his time of service in government; Nothing tangible . We have to move on as a country free of the usual politicians. Liberia needs a leader who can deliver, in Alexander Cummings.

          • A.R; Thanks! for your narrative. It’s politics as usual-a tug of war If I may say. You pull for your side; so do I for mine. I should ask you the same question: What have ANY of the other candidates done for Liberia? None understands Liberia’s problems; better than J. Nyumah Boikai; for now. As such, JNB knows the best solutions. Cummings will make a good salesman for our Fine Liberian Coaco and Coffee, produced by local people. Just as he did, selling Coke. That’s one way he can build his resume… J.Nyumah Boakai, is “A Man of The People; for The People, BY A MAJORITY of The People.” What you call that? “TRUE DEMOCRACY!”

  3. my questions is this about this Boakai,what did he do for the liberian people? after been a VP for 12 years,what did he do even in his neighborhood?is it that people are having eyes but can not see? you guys sick.

  4. Well said Jartu. As Bishop Warner once said, “the problem with us (Liberians) is us.” Asking the government to take care of one’s needs is a lazy philosophy, to say the least. Once again our country is at crossroads. This is an opportune time to evaluate and then choose a leader who will take our country towards economic vibrancy and sustained peace. For me, this is the time to ask all the questions, and demand answers as to how in the running intent to govern if given the chance. But instead, people are engaging in tribal politics. The truth is, we have seen this before. When the 1980 coup took place, the song was “Native woman born soldier, Conqua woman born rouge.” But when things took turns for the worse, everybody paid the price; and it was a heavy price- one that even plunged us into a bloody civil war. As a country, we were given another chance to choose a leader, this time in a democratic manner. And instead of evaluating and vetting the candidates, most Liberians who were in the position to vote, went with the wind and another song came about, “He killed my ma, he killed my Pa, I will vote for him.” And we saw what happened after. But Liberia is a blessed country, and will always be. The decision we make as a people, will determine our destiny. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of fine candidates in the race. There are some whose records are tainted! Be like Nelay. Ask the hard questions. For those who have served in government, check their records when they served, and see how well they delivered. Do the same for those from the private sector. Ask them for their platform, and demand honesty. Always remember, it is not only about you, but about your children, and your children’s children. Don’t allow yourselves to be sucked into tribal and divisive politics. Divisive politics will not improve the broken health care system and poor economy we have in Liberia; it will not improve a failing education system, nor will it improve agriculture and basic infrastructure development. Unfortunately I am not in the position to vote, but I love my country dearly and can only wish for the best. I pray that those who are in the position to vote, will do it wisely. After all, the decision we make now, we will have to own the next six to twelve years.

  5. Liberians will talk, talk and talk all that until they throw themselves
    back into the same old hole and become to cry again and again
    this time with no one to bring them relief they want. In the past,
    we used to say there is no alternative. But now and today, Liberians
    have an alternative- no dent and clean Cummings! If Liberians missed
    Cummings, they will pay for it heavily. Mr. Cummings is talking about
    creating jobs. Who in Liberia today do not want jobs that Ellen Sirleaf
    did not care to provide? Liberians going back into the same old thing
    is not an option at all!

    • P.T; Don’t blame it on EJS or UP. Get Real! The EBOLA CRISIS couple with the COLLAPSE of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber, tremendously drained Liberia’s ECONOMY. The problems facing Liberia, are widespread; through out Africa. They are not uniquely Liberian problems. Let’s empower our people to own the fruits of their LABOR. Let’s do away with absentee LAND LORDS/PLANTATIONS OWNERS. That’s a good start. We have excellent soil for Coaco, Coffee Oil Palm… If we manage our Land well, we can/will easily over come our ECONOMIC PROBLEMS.

  6. Omg! Can’t believe what I’m reading..do Liberians want someone who says elected me and I will put food on your table? or some who has been given to their communities before throwing their hat into the race? Liberians, do the right thing, vote Cummings.

  7. Some are born in a bassa county but not bassa. Who are the bush Krus? The gio and manos? As for the kpelle (kpelleh) chickens they all have their devils. The gola roster came for votes and found none. The native cannot even tell the difference between the settlers and up-river conguas. He calls all free slaves congos or conquas. I am beginning to see why the Mambas call all the other tribes pallets; because they all have no Liberian hieroglyphics except the Mambas and the Vais. What name do you have? Who give you my name. How did you get your first middle and last names? The best I suggest for tribalism is to stick to your County of Birth because the grebo is born in the kpelle man county while the bassa is born in the gio man area. The dey man talking about he knows when he aint know shit but gagba. So the best thing to do is to listen to what the ballet box tells you. No matter who is running, what you can say or do, no one will know who will be the next President will be until God sends the message on October 10, 2017. Gone in silence. Tell your own votes. Do not answer me.

  8. Still calling? The gbandi reboe is growing rice on the loma man’s territory to buy back the cutlass he stole. The gissi lock wants to help sell rice outside the country when he can not feed himself. The mandigo hinge trying to take out his gown to fight for mali cow meat. The sarpo idiot looking for fish inside the gee swamp,……..Are they all on their way to hell? The silent 57% will not allow this nation to go back to war. Simple. Vote or do not vote. Even you want to boycott you have your right. Nobody stealing votes here again. All government properties will stay where they belong for Liberian people. Liberian soldiers should start stepping like Liberian GI’s and stop making Malian or Nigerian steps. If the war is over than who the peace for?, than let UNMIL handle their own steps. Telling you in Liberian. Do not call me back. Otherwise you will pay something. Go vote for yourself or do what you need or want to do.
    Gone in silence to rest.

  9. The krahn crook has a pallet goat with an ear to let him hear. Any more tribes? Find them and tell the ballot box. Remember, register votes are better than riot votes. Meetings with foreign leaders to influence ballots is in itself a betrayal of confidence. It is only Liberians that can decide their own destiny. The silent majority will no longer allow violent threads used to stand pseudo votes, as was in the last elections of tension. Factual votes, abstinence votes or no votes all are part of the count. WE MUST KNOW THE ACTUAL COUNT.
    You pallet. We are gone in silence.

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