Chinese of Chamber of Commerce Donates to Caldwell Orphanage


The Chinese Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, August 4, donated a consignment of rice and stationery materials to the Caldwell Orphanage Home as part of its humanitarian assistance to the township.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony in Caldwell, the chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Liberia, Mr. He Ming Hua said the consignment which included rice and stationery materials worth over U$4,000 is a way of identifying with orphans, especially children who became victims as a result of the Ebola crisis.
He recounted the difficult days when Liberia was hard hit as the result of the Ebola outbreak and indicated that several Chinese institutions helped in identifying with the government and people of Liberia in its battle against the disease.
He named areas, including construction, mining, fisheries and agriculture which Chinese owned companies have made financial investment, thereby creating employment for scores of Liberians.
“We will continue to contribute to the economy through the creation of more jobs,” Mr. He said and lamented that the global economic crisis has also affected the Chinese Chamber of Commerce which comprises of CICO, CHICO, Wonderful, CHQC, CDIG and China Union.
“Despite the difficult situation as earlier stated we will not forget our responsibility to the people of Liberia. We will always try to perform our corporate social responsibility as much as we can,” Mr. He noted.
Taking delivery of the consignment the Commissioner of the Township of Caldwell, Madam Alexine Howard said the effort by the group is highly appreciated because Caldwell is a township in dare need of such assistance.
“For you to take this time and think of these children means a lot to the government and people of Caldwell because orphans are children who often need care and support,” she said.
Commissioner Howard expressed gratitude to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the donation which would be used for the intended purpose.
Relationship between Liberia and China (PR) has improved over the years as evidence by a recent high-powered Chinese business delegation’s visit to Liberia seeking new partnership and cooperation with Liberian entrepreneurs in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure and agriculture.


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