Chinese Medical Team to Train JFK Staff

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The government has reached a consensus with the Chinese Medical Team (CMT) working with the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center in Monrovia to train staff in various medical areas, Dr. Billy C. Johnson, the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has said.
He named those specific areas as surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, ultrasound specialist, internal medicine, acupuncture and nursing
Dr. Billy expressed gratitude to the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for the level of assistance to the JFK development agenda, especially in the area of medical and surgical discipline.
He recalled that since the signing of the first agreement between the JFK Administration and the Chinese Government on September 1, 2006, JFK has received six Chinese medical teams.
The agreement, Dr. Johnson said, led the Chinese to erect a 2-storey building at the center, along with a consignment of diagnostic and treatment equipment for malaria and some consumable goods worth millions of dollars for the China-Liberia Malaria Treatment and Prevention Centre.
Other important donations by the Chinese include operating theatres and ultrasound equipment.
Meanwhile, an eye doctor at the hospital, Edward B. Guizie, has praised Doctor Wang Jim for his services in the eye department, sharing his knowledge and experience in small incisions and cataract surgery.
A patient who received treatment under the supervision of the Chinese Medical Team spoke of the efficiency and effectiveness of its acupuncture treatment.
Frank M. Barcon of Sanniquellie, Nimba County, said he lost hope when he visited several hospitals without better results to the condition of his eye until recently when he received treatment under the Chinese medical team.
“After five days, I realized that my condition was getting better. I returned for another ten days and from that time, my health has improved,” he acknowledged.
A nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity, praised Dr. Li Jiangrog, a Chinese Doctor, who specializes in cardiology (condition of the heart) and also Dr. Li, who is knowledgeable in tropical diseases.
The Chinese team began work in Liberia in 1984, but left the country during the height of the civil crisis. They returned after the civil war and resumed their work.
There are nine members in the CMT and seven are medical professionals. They include an Internist, Orthopedist, OB and GYN, Ophthalmologist, Acupuncture expert, Ultrasound Specialist and a nurse. They work at the JFK Medical Center and take turns in every 2 years.
In the last 10 years, CMT has treated over ten thousand patients and performed over seven thousand surgeries. Traditional Chinese medicine is very popular in the team’s treatment of patients. CMT holds a free clinic in a community in Monrovia every year.


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