Chinese Medical Team Reaches Out to Universities

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    After disinfecting public places in the SKD community where their ETUs are built, members of the Chinese medical team have begun visiting campuses of universities, beginning with the University of Liberia.

    The community outreach is focused on disinfecting strategic public places, including sanitation facilities, cafeteria and assembly halls where people often gather in large numbers.

    The outreach, arranged with the National Commission on Higher Education, is intended to spray university campuses, making them safe for students and staffers as academic activities in the country resume.

    Speaking to the Daily Observer on the UL’s main campus on Capitol Hill, Alfred Sahn, an employee of the National Commission on Higher Education said when the proposal was made to the Director of NCHE, Dr. Michael Slawon, he was impressed by the offer from the Chinese.

    Mr. Sahn said his boss’ impression was that in the midst of the Ebola crisis, the Chinese medical team’s gesture was a welcome one because it would ensure that the environments of various universities are safe for students, faculty and staff.

    The head of the Chinese team, through an interpreter, told the UL Administration that the venture was voluntary and was the Chinese way of identifying with Liberians as they begin scaling down their anti-Ebola activities in Liberia.

    After spraying the UL campus, the Chinese team is expected to disinfect the UL’s Fendell Campus on the Kakata Highway. They did not state which university campus they would be heading to next.  However, the team said that other university campuses are on the list to be disinfected.

    The Chinese team members, dressed in their protective gear with heavy canisters connected to a mini generator sprayed the rooms of the UL Master’s program building.

    The Chinese medical team arrived in Liberia last year when Ebola was raging in the country.  The team built and operates its ETU at the SKD Sports Complex.


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