Chinese Man Gets 1 Year Imprisonment

Defendant Kelvin Young carries an Australian passport bearing his alias, Jingcan Yang

– Banned from leaving the country; ordered to pay over US$17K

A Chinese national who entered the country with an Australian passport under the name Jingcan Yang, but holds a Liberian residence permit with another name – Kelvin Young – was on Friday sentenced to one year in prison by Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice.

Judge Blamo Dixon also banned Jingcan from leaving the country, while he awaits the Supreme Court to hear and decide his appeal against Dixon’s judgment that found him guilty of misapplication of entrusted property.

Jingcan was not immediately sent to jail as mandated by Judge Dixon, because he was enjoying a criminal appearance bond filed on his behalf by his legal team. As such, he cannot be imprisoned, unless the Supreme Court judgment on his appeal also goes against him.

Defendant Kelvin Young in the courtroom at the Temple of Justice prior to Judge Dixon’s judgment.

Judge Dixon further ordered Jingcan to restitute US$17,764 he misapplied from another Chinese national identified as Jeffery Gao, a diamond dealer who holds an American passport, and further fined him US$300 to be deposited into government revenue.

Meanwhile, the two judgments against Jingcan had nothing to do with him using two identities to live and work in Liberia, but resulted from the complaint filed by Gao, for which Jingcan was tried and found guilty by the court.

According to court records, in September 2015, in the City of Paynesville outside of Monrovia, Gao claimed he met Jingcan and since they were both Chinese, he asked the defendant to work with his company, named Liberia Mineral Industrial, which Jingcan accepted.

Gao alleged that they were living in James Debbah’s compound until September 22, when he decided to go for a visit to the U.S.

Before leaving for the U.S., Gao alleged that he left US$2,500 with defendant Jingcan to pay his security guards, which Jingcan failed to do, but instead converted the money into his personal use.

Gao also claimed that he entrusted Jingcan with a twin cab Toyota Hillux pickup truck, generators, a mining field in Grand Kru County, mining equipment, water pump machine, assorted household items and personal properties, which he said is valued at US$17,174.


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