Chinese Firm Accused of Tax Evasion


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has launched an investigation against a Chinese firm for alleged tax fraud. Shanxi Construction Engineering (Group) Corporation, the Chinese Company renovating and extending the Monrovia Vocational Training Center MVTC), has been accused by LRA of allegedly using duty free privileges to evade taxes.

 Yesterday the LRA disclosed that it had caught Shanxi Group transporting two duty free containers cleared on Monday to a privately owned Chinese firm on 15th Street, Sinkor.

According to the LRA, the firm to which the containers were transported is owned by a Chinese businesswoman, name withheld.

On September 25, Youth and Sports Minister Len Eugene Nagbe wrote the LRA requesting duty free privileges in favor of Shanxi Construction Engineering (Group) Corporation to enable the company to clear two containers holding tiles, window profile and metal for windows, tires, soybean milk machines, locks, slippers, clothes, vacuum cleaners and tools.

According to Minister Nagbe, the two containers were for the final phase of the renovation work on the MVTC. The LRA granted Minister Nagbe’s request for duty free privilege, but later observed that the containers were being taken to a different destination.

Shanxi Construction Engineering (Group) Corporation officials were not available to comment on the allegation and the Chinese businesswoman in question refused for journalists to photograph her.

 The containers were cleared by Morris Clearing on Monday, BIVAC’s container release form indicated.

 LRA Communications officer Trokon Tarr told our reporter that the LRA has begun investigating Shanxi Group for tax evasion.


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