Chinese Ambassador Unveils New Development Plan for Africa

(R-L) Amb. Fu, Pres. Weah posed with Mrs. Fu and of some Liberian officials.

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Fu Jijun says China has adopted eight new initiatives covering vast areas for investment in Africa and will ensure implementations in those areas as it remained truthful in implementing cooperation plans adopted in 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa at the first Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) meeting.

Ambassador Fu made the statement when he delivered a keynote address at a reception on Tuesday, September 18 at program marking the 69th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC.).

He said the eight areas covered under the new initiative include peace and security, science, education, culture, health, poverty reduction, and people-to-people interactions between China and Africa, which Amb. Fu said has deepened.

He named other areas as industrial promotion, support to food security, provide emergency humanitarian food assistance to African countries, and train more African young researchers in agro-science and entrepreneurship in agro-business.

Another component of the new initiatives involves infrastructural connectivity, which Fu said will jointly formulate a China-Africa infrastructure cooperation plan with the African Union, support Chinese companies in participating in Africa’s infrastructure development through investment-construction cooperation, and support Africa in developing the Single African Air Transport Market.

Additionally, trade facilitation initiative, which will increase China’s imports from Africa, particularly non-resource products, and support to building African Continental Free Trade were adopted at the summit.

There are also plans for “Green development” initiative which will expand China’s exchanges and cooperation with Africa on climate change, ocean, and wildlife protection, strengthen Africa’s human capacity for environmental management, pollution prevention and control, and green development.

The Chinese Government also announced the provision of 50,000 government scholarships; 50,000 training opportunities; healthcare initiatives that will strengthen cooperation in the prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria; train more medical specialists for Africa; and continue to send Chinese medical teams that better meet Africa’s needs.

The Beijing adoption will also cover people-to-people exchange initiatives, which will establish an institute of African studies to enhance exchanges between China and Africa on civilization, including a China-Africa media cooperation network to be established.

Peace and security initiative which will boost China-Africa cooperation on peace, security, peacekeeping and law and order was also adopted.

Amb. Fu said that there is synergy between the goals of the eight initiatives at the FOCAC Summit and the Liberian Government’s Pro-poor Agenda, as far as activities to be covered are concerned.

“With similar fate in the past and a common mission, China and Liberia have extended sympathy to and helped each other in the past, and I strongly believe that, with the implementations of the eight new initiatives, China and Liberia will embark on a stronger path of win-win cooperation,” Amb. Fu said.

President George Weah in a congratulatory message to the Chinese Government and people, expressed his delight in meeting with President Xi Jinping for the first time at the summit, and admitted his admiration for the tremendous development he saw in China.

There at the summit, the Chinese and Liberian governments, entered a mineral swap agreement still inexplicable to the Liberian people, to allow the Chinese mine whatever mineral here in return for road building.

Weah said in addition to his expression of support for the One China Policy, he and his officials also expressed their desires for further joint collaboration under the Chinese Government’s “Belt and Road” initiatives.

The PRC is the world’s second largest economy, and most populous country on the Asian Continent.

According to Amb. Fu, China is speedily progressing in economic activities and human development, not because of plenty of resources, but for the fact that the country has learned to find a suitable development path, and to continuously reform and innovate its political and economic system.

The current population of China as of September 19, 2018, stands at 1,416, 244,513, according to United Nations estimates.

In a country with such a huge population, it is most of the time challenging to control human behavior and properly distribute economic resources that will impact the livelihood of every citizen.

In order to contend with such confronting situations, Amb. Fu explained, in addition to reforming of the political and economic system, “Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party, with the great efforts of the Chinese people, and close collaboration with the world, China has made remarkable achievements in the past 69 years and become the world’s second largest economy.”

According to him, no one who keeps himself in isolation on a single island will have a future, stressing that China has never forgotten the help it gets from the world in its development process, and has been doing its best to feed back the world.

China’s strong Communist Party, policies, laws and security have immensely contributed to its success in becoming the world’s second largest economy, thereby granting it the opportunity to become the biggest trading partner to Africa as well as more than 130 countries.

At the Beijing gathering, Chinese President, Xi Jinping announced investing US$60 billion in the African economy to cover infrastructures, agro-development and education.

Amb. Fu then expressed gratitude to President Weah for participating in the summit. He emphasized that Liberia’s participation has greatly contributed to the success of the summit.

He said he was appreciative to President Weah for expressing Liberia’s willingness to embrace an open world economy, and the multilateral trading system in his speech at the round table meeting of the heads of state of FOCAC member countries.


  1. Beijing only interest in Liberia and Africa is to steal the continent and Liberia natural resources for their own development and super-power anticipated dominance. Nothing else…look at what the Chinese are doing to Zambia? They just seized critical assets in Zambia because the Zambian government cannot repay loans. Look at what the Chinese have done to Bong Mines? NADA

  2. This is why we as Liberians should focus on using these grants and loans for the purpose for which they are offered, to improve our living standards in order that Liberia can pay back on time as a people. In this process, we must cut off those who use Liberian numbers to enrich themselves instead the country. Even the country judge is an expert in bringing them to statutory and customary justice. As long as bag is found, the poor will become pro. Do not answer me. Tell the country.


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