China Looks Forward to President Weah’s View on China-Liberia Relations

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Fu Jijun

Newly-accredited Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Fu Jijun says Chinese President Xi Jinping is looking forward to President George Weah’s view and suggestion on what can be done to further strengthen China-Liberia relation.

Ambassador Fu Jijun is succeeding Ambassador Zhang Yue, whose term of duty expired this year and has taken an assignment elsewhere in the world.

The new Chinese Ambassador did not give a synopsis of what is expected of President Weah in building China-Liberia relation; nevertheless, he described Liberia as a prosperous country with huge resources and a diligent people willing to work.

In diplomacy, two or more countries engage in relationships with bottom line interests of seeking benefits that will go to each of them.  In this regard, each country sets its agenda and shares with the other in order for both to have a mutual benefit in the relation.

China and Liberia rebuilt their relation under the “One China Policy” during the administration of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, which sees no division between Mainland China (Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China.

The relationship has yielded enormous fruits, including academic exchanged programs, infrastructural projects, health and technical support, among others.

As George Weah presides over the presidency of Liberia, he is now under obligation to share his expertise on what can be done to consolidate the ties between Liberia and China as it would be with any other country.

In his speech at a welcoming reception on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, Ambassador Fu Jijun disclosed that in September of this year the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit will take place in Beijing, and President Xi Jinping, as well as the President of South Africa who co-chairs FOCAC, have jointly extended warm invitations to all the leaders of the forum members to attend.

“During the Summit, the leaders of China and African countries will uphold the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, based on the spirit of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, to discuss how to expand the collaboration between China and Africa under the One Belt and One Road initiative,” Ambassador Fu said.

Regarding President Weah, Ambassador Fu said, “President Xi Jinping appreciates that President Weah has accepted the co-chair’s invitation, and looks forward to listening to President Weah’s view and suggestion on further strengthening the cooperation between China and Liberia, and I am confident that the Summit will offer a great opportunity, for Liberia is fully participating in China-Africa cooperation under the Belt and Road initiative, and injects new impetus into the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Liberia.”

At the well attended reception, the newly-accredited Chinese Ambassador emphasized that the China-Liberia friendship is inseparable from the great efforts and contributions of Liberians.

“The future of China-Liberia cooperation will still rely on your valuable support and assistance, and as China’s new ambassador to Liberia, I would like to make every effort to deepen the collaboration between our two countries and enhance the friendship between our two peoples,” Ambassador Fu said.

The occasion, marking the takeover of the Chinese Embassy by Ambassador Fu Jijun, was attended by high ranking government officials, including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, among others.

Also in attendance was former Vice President of Liberia Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

VP Taylor speaking at the welcoming ceremony of Amb. Fu

In brief remarks, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, speaking on behalf of President Weah and the Liberian people, said their arms were opened to receive the Chinese Ambassador and look forward for a mutual relationship between Liberia and China under the “One China Policy.”

She acknowledged China for its numerous contributions to Liberia in times of infrastructural challenge and health disaster, and expressed the hope that Liberia will one day reciprocate the gesture of others by going to their aid.


  1. We need China nationally, regionally and continentally just has China needs us as world power. We needs the relation to be mutually benefiting to all concern and not an imperialistic relations. China must help in open up Africa via infrastructural development to bring Africa into the 21st century and the return will the expansion of trade, commerce and partnership guided by self- enlightened interest for all concern.

    • B. Nmah; wait, ’til China and others RAZE all of Africa’s Mountains; in search of natural resources. Then we African and perhaps the entire World will know the consequences. Our weakness is China’s greatest strength. Africa is the source of employment for millions of Chinese.

  2. Ben Nmah,
    Na fueh de?

    I would like to agree with you but you did not tell your readers why you think Liberians need the Chinese nationally, regionally and continentally. Nmah, the ball is in your court. Tell your readers, including me, why you think that the Chinese are good for the Liberian people not only nationally, but regionally and continentally.
    Your Royal Courtesy, Mr. Ben Nmah, we the readers await your response.
    Thank you, Sir.

  3. Mr. F. Hney: Look at recent development history in Asia and other parts per infrastructural development, a key and central part of national, regional and continental development. Please research these aspects…Simply put, don’t ask for rice, but, how to open up our country per infrastructural development and how to increase our food production to feed ourselves. Thank you sir.

  4. Comrade Nmah,
    Your riposte as it relates to national infrastructural development is understood. The Chinese will teach our fellow compatriots in so many ways if our government initiates that challenge. Example, a few months ago, a group of innovative Liberians built a cargo ship with Chinese technicians. It was a marvel.
    However, I am not too sure if you or I can request Chinese infrastructural help regionally or continentally. With all due respect, please don’t feel demeaned.

    Regionally, I am dubious because some West African countries are beginning to question some infrastructural projects that were assigned to the Chinese. Without mentioning two of those regional countries, I was told that the asphalt that was used by the Chinese in “some” road projects didn’t last. Of course, there’s room for criticism all the time. An egregious Chinese hater could have told me.

    Continentally, I am even more skeptical. Northern African countries are more developed than us in black Africa, South Africa is an exception. Secondly, the nationals of North Africa do not want to be called Africans. Some refer to themselves as Southern Europeans, Arabs (which is what are) or sometimes people of the Middle East. Can we in Liberia say that Chinese are good for the Moroccans, the Egyptians or the Algerians? Our interests are different.
    Nmah, when it is infrastructural and other forms of Chinese assistance in Liberia, it’s all good. I agree with you. But, we have to be careful. The Chinese as you know have a billion-plus people to feed. The Chinese need help in the area of natural resources in order to feed their citizens. If our natural resources are depleted at least 50 years from now, it’s a sure bet that black Africa could become re-colonized.
    We need to be taught technologically. We have the ability to learn. But, let’s be careful.

  5. Correction: Mainland China is actually the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and not Taiwan (ROC) as the reporter writes. Taiwan or Republic of China on Taiwan is considered by the PRC as a renegade island of the entire Mainland China territory.

  6. Thanks very much for your observation, Saah. However, some of us have known for a very long time that Taiwon is not the same as mainland China. The author probably realized that he blundered, but could not retract the story because it had been printed already. Those who are less informed about China and Taiwon will definitely appreciate your timely observation. Keep up the good work, Saah. Maybe a “Golden Award” from the Oservation Foundation is on its way to you. You never know, Saah.

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