China, Liberia to Augment Engagements on ‘Poverty and Backwardness’

Member of the China National People's Congress delegation to Liberia presents a gift to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers (left) and Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie.

An executive member of Congress of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has lauded and described the existing relationship between the PRC and the Republic of Liberia as having ‘taken roots’ and is therefore ready to enhance exchanges with Liberia on China’s remarkable achievements in seven decades on poverty and backwardness.

Mr. Wu Weihua, the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), leading a four-man Chinese delegation, said the NPC is ready to enhance exchanges of their government experiences with Liberia to fight poverty and backwardness, arguing that both countries faced poverty and backwardness.

“China and Liberia friendship has taken roots in peoples’ heart.” Mr. Wu added. “China is ready to enhance exchanges of government experience with Liberia. China and Liberia are both developing countries faced with the same past of emerging from poverty and backwardness and achieving prosperity and developments.”

He added: “But over the past seven decades, since the founding of the People’s Republic, China has made remarkable achievements from twists and turns and, in the process, have accumulated some experience and will be happy to share with their African brothers.”

Other members of the Chinese delegation include Mr. Ren Jianhua, Head of the Discipline and Supervision of the NPC, Mr. Liu Zhenwei, Vice Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of the NPC, and Mr. Liu Qian, vice Chairman of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee.

In a special statement on Monday in the House’s Chamber, Mr. Wu told the leaderships and members of the House of Representatives and the Senate that China is committed and will continuously uphold the ideal of sincerity, friendship and equality. He said China will pursue common interest and put friendship first as well as will be committed to openness and inclusiveness.

“No interference in African countries’ pursuit of development paths to state their national conditions; no interference of African countries’ internal affairs; and no account of political strings through assistance, no seeking of  selfish of political gains in investment of financing cooperation with Africa,” Mr. Wu indicated.

Mr. Wu said the result of the China and Liberia friendships caused the scholarships of over 2,800 Liberians in several technical fields and China has built infrastructures including Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, Jackson F. Doe Hospital, the Ministry of Health, the Fendall Campus of the University of Liberia, and the Annexes of the Capitol Building of the Legislature.

Members of the China National People’s Congress delegation to Liberia

He said in 2014, during the deadly Ebola epidemic, China launched the biggest medical aid in Liberia since the founding of the new China, which speaks volume between the two countries. He added that China has become Liberia’s biggest trading partner, biggest project contractor and the main source of investment and financing and cooperation has become fruitful results.

The National People’s Congress then pledged 500,000 Renminbi, equivalent to US$72,000 for offices utilities to the Legislature. The word “Renminbi” literally means “People’s Currency” and is abbreviated RMB.

The Chinese National People’s Congress is the equivalent of the Liberian Legislature, but the NPC is the highest organ of state power and, with 2,980 members, it is the largest parliamentary body in the world.

Recently the US Congress, through the bi-partisan House Democracy Partnership, visited the Liberian Legislature. Congressman Rep. David Price, head of delegation, promised to increase engagements with the Legislature mainly on knowledge sharing.

House’s Speaker Bhofal Chambers said Liberia is in a steep and deep state, and needs safeguard and partners, such as the People’s Republic of China.

The Speaker said Liberians are convinced of the genuine friendship with China.

“This government is not only moved by the fruits of your hard work. Your selflessness to humanity inspires this government to work exceedingly hard towards changing the living standard of the people with urgency and certainty,” Dr. Chambers said.

For his part, President Pro Tempore Albert Chie reaffirmed Liberia’s commitment to the One China Policy and pledged that the Liberian government will continuously work with the PRC to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries.


  1. Dear God,

    In 2019, why do Africans still believe that someone will come from their country and seldomly change their lives without costs?

    Look, if you are not creative and innovative to put your people to work in every fabric of our society, why do you so yearn to lead your people to dependency? China was once a poor dynasty which has been transformed into the 2nd economic and military might in the world. How did they get there? Did they sit by for Japan or Great Britain or the USA to do all for them? They put their human resources to work and forged their own style democracy, leadership model and economic management.


    To be elected president in our countries, you need to be quoted and recognized in the USA or UK or France.
    Enjoy your dependence, puppet democrats! Take your entire cabinet and present them at beauty contests in Washington, Moscow, Paris, Beijing or Buckingham Palace.

    So sickening!

  2. Can History Repeat Itself? No!

    There is no dignity in begging. We can learn many things from these Chinese and other Asian Countries. Like you said, sitting by and allowing fundings and other help from Washington, London or other foreign capitals, will do us no good.

    Just 6 decades ago, these guys were the worst in Asia. They were just emerging from a bitter occupying experinces from the Imperial Japanese Army. But guest what, today, even with the help foreign powers, Japan, along with other Asian Nations, are not stupid to repeat history.

    There is a lesson to learn from a friend who been through the toughest of time. “How did he manage to get out of difficult time”. Not how much he will keep giving to you.
    M.S. Bah ( NP)

  3. The CDC mmade it to look like the past government was not doing anything for this country and the CDC was the only party to deliver Liberia from all of the problems past governments brought to the nation of Liberia. Here we are today with the CDC in power . Here we are today faced with more problems than anyone has ever experienced. Begging everyone that says hello. These people dont ferl ashamed?where are the ideas, policies and strategy the CDC has toreverse the negative trends Liberia is facing? Before the election, keen observers asked for a public debate so that candidates could present their platforms to the Liberian people. This never took place. It was a mistake that has come to haunt us as a people.

  4. Cat

    Good observations Cat!

    In my opinion, the National Elections Commission (NEC) could not forge the holding of a presidential debate for several reasons.

    To begin with, Weah’s followers, who were then the largest voting majority according to the NEC’s statistics, were successful in persuading the unsuspecting voting population to vote for him wholly and solely based on cosmetic values and not education, experience, intellectual acumen, and training. For example: some of the incredible reasons, which voters gave for voting Weah in office, were: he is a famous footballer, he wears Nike shoes, and leadership is not about education but loving one’s country! Now, Liberia is stuck with a president who cannot pronounce the word “environment”, and his professed love for country has become questionable?

    Also, the intelligentsia and CDC party faithfuls, who engineered Weah’s rise to power, understood the prevailing sentiments of many of the youthful voters, and they capitalized on them by downplaying Weah’s weakness and amplifying his strength in appealing to this group. They knew that he did not have the ability to lead a fragile country like Liberia, and so they concentrated their propaganda strategy on his football popularity. And since football is the greatest pastime amongst the nation’s youthful, sport enthusiasts, the strategy helped to propel him to political fame.

    Last, the CDC party machinery did all it could to turn whatever good that Ellen’s government was doing to lift the country from the status of a “failed state”, to always appear bad. Speaking with objectivity, Ellen had her own flaws. However, she faced many challenges that were not of her making. For example: the Ebola crisis that came and wreaked havoc on the population and drove many investors out of the country was not Ellen’s faults. In fact, she was doing all she could to improve the health delivery system of the country. An attestation to this fact, was the construction of a medical facility in rural Nimba.

    Today, the only achievements Weah has had to show thus far since his ascendancy to power are those that have been initiated through the ingenuity of Ellen and her government.


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