China Completes US$12.9M Capitol Building Annexes

Senate wing of the Liberian Legislature

 The construction of state-of-the-art annexes at the Capitol Building, the seat of the Legislature, funded by the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been completed.

The construction of the annexes began in October 2016 under “The Grant Assistance Project.”

The New Capitol Building was formally completed on Wednesday and the keys were turned over to the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW), which subsequently handed them over to the Joint Legislative Modernization Committee yesterday.

Assistant Public Works Minister for Technical Services, Clarence Wilson, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works presented the keys to the lawmakers.

“We have come to officially turn over these keys to the Legislature, because the two annexes are completed,” Wilson said.

He was accompanied by Mr. Sidney Divine, the Construction Engineer of the project.

Jiangsu Jiangsu Construction Company constructed the annexes, while another Chinese company, the China International Engineering Design and Consultant Company Limited, supervised the engineering component. PRC’s Ministry of Commerce was responsible for the project.

Assistant Public Works Minister for Technical Services, Clarence Wilson (far left), on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works presented the keys to the lawmakers.

The annexes have 40 offices, while the Senate contains 20 offices.

Each office is furnished with a desk and chair for a receptionist, cushion chairs for the waiting room, and executive chair and desk for the Representatives and Senators.

The offices of the Representatives have a hallway, a room for the staffers,  single waiting room and a room for Representatives, while the ones for Senators have similar but double rooms for staffers.

Unlike the previous unit, in the new annexes the offices of the Vice President, the Speaker and President Pro Tempore have more than three rooms and additional furniture.

The Chairman of the Joint Legislative Modernization Committee, Senator Conmany Wesseh of River Gee County, who received the keys, extended his profound thanks and appreciation to the PRC, officials of the Ministry of Public Works as well as the Project Engineer for completing the project on time.

The dedication ceremony, scheduled for July, will form part of the Independence Day celebrations.

Wesseh then turned over the keys to Representative George Boley, Co-chair on the Joint Legislative Modernization Committee.

He also handed the keys to Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, the Chairperson on the Rules, Order and Administration of the Senate.

Both Sen. Lawrence and Rep. Boley thanked the Chinese and promised to maintain the facilities, while turning over the keys to heads of the respective Houses.

In a related development, staffers of the maintenance department of both Houses have begun training in security cameras and internet service connection, conference systems audio and video systems, heavy current sector, plumbing and drainage and air conditioning systems, firefighting and alarm systems.

It can be recalled that the Capitol Building was dedicated in 1956, under the leadership of the late President William V.S. Tubman, the then Vice President William R. Tolbert, President Pro Tempore of the Senate Edwin Morgan and Speaker of the House of Representatives Richard Henries.


  1. It’s all good. The facelift of the Capitol grounds of Liberia is very impressive. What this amounts to is this: Progress is being made in Liberia.

    There’s a fact of life that shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored. In every aspect of life, there is good and evil. Okay, everyone agrees that Liberia is changing for the best. Example, inter-county roads are being constructed, newer buildings are being built, manufacturing is at its early stages and other piecemeal activities are in the works. Once again, it’s all good.
    On the other hand, as conditions improve in Liberia, there is a likelihood of potential danger. Example, corrupt individuals will strive for the worst, of course to them, good is evil.
    I am not displaying naivety! Every country has its share of corrupt monsters. Liberia is not an exception. I do believe that more progress could have been made in Liberia if those corrupt individuals we’ve got in our midst did not carry their corrupt practices beyond the pale of decency. The scoop from unknown quarters is that a government plane got lost in Liberia and no one knows who flew the plane out of the country. Looka, a plane that was purchased by the taxpayers of Liberia became unaccounted for. What a mystery! That’s a typical example of evil.

    We pray for more good in Liberia. Liberians deserve a break from the grip of the fraudsters.

  2. Isn’t it just wonderful that the first branch of government spends a disproportionate share of the nation’s finances on obscenely astronomical wages and perks? Free vehicles, free fuel, tens of thousands of dollars for a fraudulent farming season scam, etcetera, etcetera! And now a new gleaming addition to this building filled with mostly tainted warlords, thieves and hopelessly selfish individuals! $12 million spent on schools and healthcare would have been a wiser decision than this shamelessly selfish act.

  3. Will they be able to keep the bathrooms clean and fix the toilets when it breaks? If we can’t maintain something as simple as a bathroom, we’re not going anywhere very soon. Most of the folks in the Legislature never had running water while growing up and flush toilets is a luxury now for them. But for Christ’s sake, let’s learn to live like civilized people.

  4. I totally agree with all the commenters on this page. We have a maintenance problem. We have a spending problem. We have an impressive number of educators in the legislative branch of government than ever before. But, there could be some “nocos” among them who may not be able to flushshit because of inexplicable reasons. Yap, while some schools in the country do not have a full set of textbooks for our youth, there is no lawmaker who doesn’t have a government-supplied automobile.

    Lord, please forsake us not.

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