Children Warned against Violence


About 550 teenagers from over eight communities in the Fendall area have been warned to desist from violent acts as well as avoid vices that can stall their progress.

Speaking on Tuesday, July 26, during the celebration of the country’s 169th Independence Day anniversary on the campus of the Kingsley Lington Academy, Mrs. Anniebel C. Karnga told them to be mindful of issues that can affect their future.

The teenagers, under age 17, were advised not to get involved in smoking, drinking and must avoid early sexual activities.

Mrs. Anniebel C. Karnga is the Executive Director of United Youth Movement against Violence (UYMAV).

She addressed the teenagers before they began their happy celebration spending the rest of their day dancing, playing games and enjoying food and beverages for lunch.

The festive event was organized and sponsored by the United Youth Movement against Violence in collaboration with the Kingsley Lington Academy.

Mrs. Karnga said the Children’s Festival was in continuation of the organization’s initiative to bring children together on major holidays as a way to discourage unwholesome practices and teach them about good citizenry.

She stated that the independence party was also aimed at keeping the children off the streets.

The UYMAV leader indicated that the campaign is to stand up for children and keep them off the streets, including on holidays. Madam Karngar disclosed that over 800 children have left the streets as a result of the initiative. She said the school teaches non-violence and uses the festival to let children enjoy and socialize with each other.

“Some of the messages we sent out is that children become violent by watching and imitating others, rather than through their personal experiences; therefore it is critical that parents, guardians, mentors and teachers begin to educate children about non-violence, gender equality and keeping clear of violence against women and girls,” Mrs. Karnga said.

“It’s our hope that by helping them with basic health and safety messages, including non-violence, our society will be able to sustain the peace we are enjoying,” she added.

Mr. Sabato Neufville, Proprietor of UYMAV, said “Since 2011, the organization, in collaboration with the Kingsley Lington Academy, has organized children’s festivals on holidays like New Year’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Valentine’s Day, Decoration Day, and Joseph J. Roberts’ Birthday, March 15.”

Joshua Nah, 14, said: “We’re happy going to school and not being on the streets on holidays. We hope people or organizations can help Mr. and Mrs. Neufville to help us.”

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