Child Welfare Officer Accused of Rape on the Run


The Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) says its attention has been drawn to an alleged act of rape committed by its Child Welfare Officer assigned in Maryland County.

Child Welfare Officer Francis K. Wallace was alleged to have raped and impregnated his 17 year old adopted daughter.

He escaped after the issue was reported to the police.

According to a MoGCSP release, the survivor lived with Francis as her guardian from 2013. The girl narrated that she was continuously raped since moving in with Francis four years ago.

The teen told police and family members that Francis threatened to kill her if she revealed their relationship. She later got pregnant, and Francis reportedly took her to the hospital to abort the pregnancy.

After the abortion, the teen felt continuous pain in her abdomen and experienced constant bleeding. She feared for her life and decided to inform Francis’ fiancé, with whom she was also living.

The release said Francis’ fiancé informed the family and a meeting was called, during which he denied abusing the girl. But he refused to submit himself to a police investigation.

“As the family discussion got heated Francis fled the group and is still at large,” the release said.

The MoGCSP has condemned the Child Welfare Officer for this shameful act and is urging the police to immediately have him arrested, investigated and prosecuted.

The Ministry said it is very unfortunate that someone entrusted with the responsibility to protect children will allegedly abuse a girl child, impregnate her and then force her to terminate the pregnancy.

The release said once he is arrested and investigated the appropriate action will be taken against him in line with Civil Service Regulations.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is also calling on the police to investigate the young girl’s parents.


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