Child Born Without Penis, Navel

The five months old baby without a penis or navel whose mother is seeking support for to get corrective surgery abroad

Mother appeals for help for baby to get surgery abroad

A 21-year-old mother has called on government, humanitarian organizations and well-meaning Liberians to help her month old baby seek immediate medical attention abroad.

According to Ms. Salome Mulbah, her five month old son was born without a penis and navel and doctors have recommended that he seeks advance medical treatment abroad.

Ms. Mulbah disclosed that the boy abdomen usually gets swollen resulting to serious pain.

“It results into serious crying for hours, thereby getting everyone confused. He will keep crying until he falls sleep,” Ms. Salome said.

She said the doctor also informed them that the boy has a hernia and hydrocele due to his present condition, stating “Each time it rises on him, he cries endlessly,” Ms. Mulbah who is a resident of Virginia.”

Ms. Mulbah further said “Health practitioners also informed us that only plastic surgery can be done on my son in Liberia, but will not be safe for him as a child. He will still feel the pain and they will have to cover the entire place, which means he would have penis and navel.”

She said the treatment abroad will allow her son to get both penis and navel, according to health practitioners. She said doctors indicated that there is no facility in the country to work on her son.

Ms. Mulbah said she has visited several health facilities in Monrovia including the John F. Kennedy (JFK), but was told that nothing could be done in Liberia to better the condition.

According to her, the boy is not taking any treatment, but they usually boil PCS serous for him to be taking it, especially when experiencing  heavy pain.

According to Ms. Mulbah, her five month old baby was born at a clinic called new health community clinic in the Brewerville area.

She said the boy’s father is called Timothy Nimely whom she said is also very concerned about the health condition of his son.

Ms. Mulbah also has a 3-year-old boy who she said was born without any medical condition or problem.

She can be reached on the following numbers: +231880521081/+231770688749/+231778765078



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