Chief of Dissolved NBI Summoned by MCC



    The Monrovia City Court(MCC) has summoned Al Karley, who is believed to be the transitional chairman of the dissolved National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), for seizing a cell phone valued at  US$175 belonging to  his Inspector General, Othello S. Hindayah,.

     Al Karley alleged that Othello recorded him (Karley) at a senior staff meeting.

    The NBI was dissolved by a National Security and Intelligence Act of 2010 passed by the 52nd National Legislature.

    Karley, who is also the former Deputy Director for Operations of the Liberia National Police (LNP), was expected to appear before the court on Friday, October 10, at 12 noon, but unfortunately,   the hearing, scheduled to take place in Magistrate Kennedy Peabody’s chamber, did not take place.  Instead, the court decided to postpone the hearing until tomorrow, October 14.

    No reason was given for Magistrate Peabody’s decision to reschedule the hearing.

    The document that surrendered Karley under the court’s jurisdiction, copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer reads, “Acting upon the directive of His Honor J. Kennedy Peabody, Stipendiary Magistrate of the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice, you will appear for a conference to be held at his Temple of Justice’s Chamber on Friday, October 10 at the hour of 12 noon.”

    It further reads, “This conference, however, is based upon a complaint brought against you by Mr. Othello S. Hindiyah for allegedly seizing and taking away his LG-cell phone valued at US$175, which is currently in your custody and possession.”

    Hindayah’s legal action against his boss, according to his legal team, was a result of his  suspension and subsequent dismissal and the continued refusal of Karley to turn over the phone to Hindayah. 

    Their letter of suspension dated September 17, 2014, copy of which is also with the Daily Observer reads, “As a consequence of your recording of Hon. AL Karley, transitional chairman of the NBI, on mobile phone during a senior staff meeting held on August 26, 2014, at the Bureau headquarters, and not knowing your (intention) for such action, the administration has resolved to suspend you for time indefinite as Inspector General of the Bureau with immediately effect.

    “Moreover” the communication further reads, “you are further directed to submit to the Special Investigation Team for thorough investigation into the matter. 

    The investigation will include “comment you proffered during the senior staff meeting on September 16 in which you boastfully stated that your ability and intention will bring harm to some person in authority.”

    According to them, the remark itself bordered on a “terroristic threat, and his conduct as a law enforcement officer was unbecoming, and very serious.”

    The letter of dismissal, dated September 30, further reads, “The administration of the National Bureau of Investigation has resolved to dismiss you from the service and any other future NIB prospect, with immediate effect for unauthorized secret phone recording of Hon. Al Karley, Transitional Coordinator of the Bureau.

    “This act on your part,” the letter continued, “contravened the secret oath of NBI signed by all agents . .  . not to divulge public or reveal by words, conduct or any other means classified information and knowledge except in the performance of his or her duty  in accordance with laws of the Republic of Liberia,  unless specifically authorized in writing, in such case by a responsible official of the NBI.”


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