‘Chief Justice Lewis Did Not Design Plan for Courthouses’


Contrary to statements that former Chief Justice Johnnie N. Lewis was the one who designed the plan for the construction of the new courthouses throughout the country, and the modernization of the Temple of Justice, another former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, claims it was her administration that designed the plan.

Cllr. Scott, who served as chief justice during the regime of former President Charles G. Taylor, made the clarification to journalists last Monday at the Temple of Justice where she had gone to sign the book of condolence for the late Chief Justice Lewis.

“We left the design for the construction of the courthouses and he followed it and constructed them. It was not he who designed them, we did,” the former Chief Justice explained.

“Chief Justice Lewis even used the contractors that we had in our plan. He respected our plan and made it a reality,” the former Chief Justice and a former Maryland County Senator added.

Madam Scott who is the current chairperson of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) said she had great respect for the late Chief Justice because he was a man who believed in continuity. 

“What I can say is that he believed in continuity. This is what I respected and will miss him for. He did exactly what we had on the books for the improvement of the judiciary. He followed our plan and completed it,” she reiterated.

Referring to Chief Justice Lewis’ impact on her life, she said,

“I was blessed to have sat under him as a student when I was at the Law School because he opened my mind and gave me confidence in my profession.”

She went on to say, “He was an intelligent man and exceptionally smart to the extent that at age 25, he served as a Circuit Judge, the youngest Circuit Judge ever in the history of the country. He left a good legacy for the judiciary and if we were to follow it, then we will be transforming the judiciary.”


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