Chief Imam: “Legislate Islamic Holiday, Or Else…”

Chief Imam, Ali Krayee: “If this holiday question is not settled after the senatorial elections, Liberia will be shock to know the next area this issues will be taken.”

-says Liberia’s Chief Imam

Ali Krayee, Chief Imam of the Republic of Liberia, has increased calls for the legislation of a public holiday for Muslims, or Liberians will be shocked to see the next direction this issue will take.

Chief Krayee, in his message at this year’s celebration of Eid Al Adha (Ibrahim Day) in Monrovia on Friday, July 30, 2020, said: “If this holiday question is not settled after the senatorial elections, Liberia will be shocked to know the next area this issue will be taken. We are not talking about violence, we are not talking about breaking laws, the Muslims of this country has been mostly peaceful since 1847 and we will never be violent.”

Eid Al- Adha is the last of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and is considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God’s command.

Chief Krayee said it is hypocritical to call for peace in a state where Muslims live as second class citizens, indicating, “Take the bags of rice and cows and give us a holiday.”

He said the Muslim communities’ pressure on the Liberian state to give them a holiday will remain unbending until it happens, and they strongly believe it will be soon.

Chief Krayee said their quest will be because of the love they have for the country and their equal rights as citizens, adding that it is not an anti-government campaign that has anything to do with President George M. Weah.

According to him, President Weah’s two-year administration has done far more than what all the Presidents have done for the Muslim community in terms of recognizing the rights of Muslims, but they cannot keep living as second-class citizens in their own homeland.

Speaking about Peace, Imam Krayee said: “There are calls for peace in the country but we have to be truthful here. A nation that has gone against the will of God, where the bastards are more than legitimate children; a nation where fornication and adultery have become a popular culture cannot know peace. When we talk about peace, people think we should just sing songs, but it is beyond that.

“There can never be peace without justice; let’s be clear, as long as some people think they are entitled to certain privileges and opportunities and others are denied, you cannot have peace,” Chief Krayee said.

He recalled that in the early 1970s when the proclamation of National Unification Day was made, it was intended for all Liberians, regardless of ethnic background or religion, to live as one. But they continue to live in a state where one group rules over the other; that is, Christians over Muslims which, according to him, is against the actual meaning of unification.

He called on Muslims to live uprightly by submitting themselves to Allah and following all the good deeds of Ibrahim.

“This is a day that Ibrahim was tested by the Lord and he was going to fulfill the will of God by sacrificing his only son Ishmael unto the Lord, which became one of the many tests that Ibrahim passed,” the Chief Imam said.

Chief Krayee said Ibrahim was always faithful to Allah, and that is why he was chosen to be the father of many nations, and “today Allah is asking us to sacrifice our selfish desire and personal ambition, not those animals that have been killed today without doing anything to us.”


  1. Frankly, from what reportedly said, I fail to see evidence supporting “Or else” if even it was a quote. Anyway, hopefully, as time goes on Ms. Geterminah will learn to distinguish between sermons and threatening remarks, and be cautious of inflammatory editorializing. In a toxic polarizing atmosphere, where media impartiality becomes increasingly indispensable to concord, perceptions of targeting any voting block should be avoided.

    • Mr. Sylvester Moses, you really “fail to see” the “Or else” in Ali Krayee´s statement, because he tries to mask the “Or else” with his “we are not talking about breaking laws, the Muslims of this country has been mostly peaceful since 1847 and we will never be violent.”????

      Well, Mr. Sylvester Moses this statement from Ali Krayee: “If this holiday question is not settled after the senatorial elections, Liberia will be shocked to know the next area this issue will be taken” IS CLEARLY THE “OR ELSE.”

      That rascal must be black listed as a terrorist, despite the fact he is actually bluffing and playing politics to rise to the rank of Grand Muffti. Ali Krayee, WHY AFTER THE DECEMBER SENATORIAL ELECTION AND NOT NOW NOW NOW OR BEFORE DECEMBER?

      No true servant of Allah, -an Imam at that, behaves in such satanic and terrorist manner!! The Intelligence community should keep a 24/7/365 surveillance on Ali Krayee.

      • I think the US and the international community should pay attention to the statements of the Inman
        Krayee is radicalizing a homegrown cells of terrorists to launch attacks on Liberia!
        He is not afraid of threatening religious wars in Liberia; the international community should shine it eyes as well the government!
        Such forceful demands are ingrained in the ambition of forcing a minority group above the majority!
        Mr. Krayee is a sleepy cell for jihads and their recruitments enterprise that’s sprung up with Fulani business men across the country!
        The equal rights question is charade and one wonders why couldn’t that be in America since that’s the pillar of democracy?
        Meaningful Liberians should request the legislature to pass a bill Christianizing Liberia!

        • You wrote “Fulani business men”?

          No. Fulanis are not responsible.
          You are seeing who is speaking. Also Note, we have Western Citizens in that country?

    • The “or else” is there that if Muslims does not get holiday there will not be violence, but there will be “breaking of laws” So what does that implies?
      Unification Day was not promulgated into law in the 1970s, it was way beyond that time. This man is very ignorant of Liberian history. He has failed his religion just as other christian leaders have failed Christianity. Which days has he called Christian Holiday? Fast and Prayer Day is not restricted to only Christians, Christmas and Easter are not promulgated into law in Liberia; so what is his bone of contention? He will be the only Liberian Muslim leader who will drive this country into conflict; Great leaders like Sekou Bility, Kafumba Konneh did not think like him
      This man is sowing the seeds of violence.

  2. There shall be NO Declaration of an Islamic holiday, of any kind, in Liberia.

    If the Muslims in Liberia go nuts, Liberia will revert to its original flag which displays the Christian cross. And that flag will be displayed throughout the length and breadth of the Republic of Liberia.

    It is time to prove to the world that Liberians can no longer be taken for granted.


    • Warnings! You are 100℅ correct!
      Liberians should now begin reverting to displaying the Founding Flags of the Cross as a deterrent to the Muslims crusades of jihad in Liberia!
      This issue is serious and Liberians must stand together to drive out these Muslims crusaders by instituting Christianity, bringing back Bibles in schools, and other places of importance!

  3. Two important Muslim holidays in Ghana:

    (1). The last day of Fasting Holiday and
    (2). Abraham’s agreement to sacrifice his son.

    I think a compromise can be reached in order for a holiday such as the second holiday above to be granted. I am speaking for myself! My views do not represent anyone.

    I disagree with the Imam because he seems to be demanding an Islamic holiday. Such things as a holiday can only be negotiated, not demanded through threats or the use of force.

    It is my hope that the Imam and scores of his supporters will follow the route of negotiations than the application of force or threats.

  4. It’s sad for such inflammatory statement to come from a religious head. Is serving your God a matter of competition with Christians? How are Christians ruling over you as Muslim? Do you need a legislation to serve God in the first place? Serving God is a matter of one’s conviction and personal connection with the unseen divine. It cannot be any reason why one should threaten the peace and stability of a Nation where everyone is free to worship what they believe. After all, man cannot fight for God. No religious affiliation is being denied religious freedom in this country. Let’s stop things that will cause us much harm.

  5. The statement from Iman Kyayee depicts violence and subversion; this can not be explained otherwise peaceful.

    The Iman was fooled by his emotion which is what Islam really stands for, as the world is aware that this religion is tied to terroristic and jihadic statements and behavior; constantly engaged in vanderlizing properties and killing of relatives and people in the name of allah. Such statement uttered by the holy man only demonstrates the real nature of this sec of people, the utterance has already undermined the peace and stability which equally impedes Liberia’s developmental agenda. It encourages muslims who believe in him to exhibit violence in the country for equal rights.

    Mr Iman, if the christians serve the same God you serve as you claimed what will anger the you/muslim community to forcefully attempt to request a separate holiday?

    I think you could have made points if the christians have denied you of your principal rights to exist in Liberia and worship your allah. The privilege Christians do not have in Saudi and most dominant Islamic countries around the world.


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