Karloken-Fish Town Road Nearing Completion


The management of China Henan International Cooperation Group (CHICO) says it has accelerated efforts to complete the Karloken-Fish Town corridor of Southeast well in time, which is scheduled for May 2021.

The Karloken – Fish Town corridor road project is an Asphalt Pavement which lies in a generally rolling mountainous terrain with a total length of 80.5km, and an average carriageway plus shoulder width of 11.3m. The road carriageway will remain as a 2-lane facility (each lane will be 3.65 m wide).  The current status of the project is around 85% completion. It began in 2012 during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration with funding secured from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

CHICO is a Chinese state owned construction and engineering company held by the provincial government of Henan. The construction company is known for being part of the “vanguard of the country’s Africa drive”. It has been working in Liberia since 2008 and has constructed major roads and projects across the country. 

Speaking at a news conference in Congo Town on Sunday, October 11, 2020, the Human Resource Manager of the company, Mr. Jacob O. David, stated that completion of the road eases the transportation of goods and supplies to that part of the country. 

Apart from economic revitalization, David noted that the road, when completed, will also improve the living standards of people living in that south-eastern part of the country and the country at large. 

“Up to date, the project, which covers Karloken to Fish Town, is around 85% completion rating and we are committed to reaching full completion by May 2021,” said David. 

“Currently, culvert Construction is at 100 percent, cox culvert Construction is at 100 percent, the construction of bridges is at 90 percent and the asphalt pavement is 53.1 KM out of 80.5 KM,” David disclosed. 

“We continue to reaffirm our commitment to the development of roads in Liberia,” he indicated. 

He said the company is committed to adhering to its social corporate responsibilities to the communities in which it operates. 

“Consistent with our social, corporate responsibilities to the communities, the management has been involved with several initiatives ranging from the employment and training of local community dwellers to become skilled in various areas of construction activities, the construction of schools in the county, support to local government subsidiaries, among others,” David added.  


  1. Hmmm this is Liberia we told you we could change for the better, don’t complain this is what you voted and will vote for again. Bravo is well don’t be ungrateful to CDC .

    • The current status of the project is around 85% completion. It began in 2012 during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration with funding secured from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

      Learn to read before you comment. Do not just comment out of vain excitement.
      CDC’s first project had been to destroy all your properties and rebuild them into mansions.
      The second project is eliminating educated Liberians who will audit you and protect yourselves with the innocent blood of our children.
      I do not know your 3rd project yet. Hope it would not be selling Grand Kru or Sinoe?

  2. Weah never gets credit regardless of how he tries. Had he not done something about the Karloken-FishTown thoroughfare, he would have been blamed. But the road is up to completion. Pretty soon, the residents of that area will drive their vehicles without bumps and without their heads being covered with red dust or without a motor vehicle being stuck in the mud for days!

    The Opposition Parties…..
    Because of extreme weakness, the opposition political parties are disorganized and resentful of one another. From reliable sources, former VP Boakai cannot sip tea with Alexander Benedict Cummings without a petite commotion. Also, there’s no chemistry between Urey and Alexander Benedict Cummings. So why do they consider themselves as collaborators? Due to their ineffectiveness, there’s no sense of hope, but rather hopelessness in their platforms. Gentlemen and Ladies, we don’t have to go too far in order to verify this issue. Just take a look at their recent Nimba county primary. In the civilized sense of the word, it was a disaster.

    From county to county VS. From state to state!
    In the US, the first Caucas state is called Iowa. Also, the first primary state is called New Hampshire. Usually when the presidential season rolls into full bloom, the presidential candidates converge on Iowa and then on to New Hampshire they leap. The candidates’ foot soldiers do the ground work, they put up billboard advertisements and the individual candidates themselves engage themselves with voters and do debates…….state to state.

    Back in Liberia…
    Let’s not forget that the CoP leaders have obtained their education in the US. It would be logical to assume that because all of them obtained their education in the US, a semblance of what’s done so nicely here in the US would be replicated by the CoP leaders. Sadly, they stubbornly refuse to emulate. The CoP primary (if you’re not ashamed to call it a primary) does not go from county to county. So how in the world do the people get to know about the CoP’s platform, their agendas or their personal lives?

    Saying this for the record…..Weah is not a saint! But given the circumstances, he deserves a credit to do the road projects that his predecessor started before her time ran out. Good times are ahead. But don’t count on the CoP! Please.

    Thanks for listening.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hney speaks about giving credit. Crying that George never gets credit, no matters how he he George will tried. Well, let give credit to where credit is due. The former regime’s President , Ellen Johnson Sirleaf used to travel the world over. Negotiating with world leaders, negotiating with leaders of financial institutions just to secure fundings for projects to be under taking by any regime that will lead the country after her departure from political power. She criticized for traveling out of the too much. The opposition then, CDC calling her the traveling something. Now that the project started by the former regime and the funding secured by the former regime, Hney speaks of George not getting credit. The only thing that George could had done to the contract was to stop it . But the contract and secured financing were already signed. So what did George actually do, but to see the project to its logical conclusion.
    It was the regime under which VP Boakai served that secured the funding.
    It was under the regime of both Ellen Johnson and VP Boakai when the shovel was handed over to George for another road construction. But no credit as of late. But for Hney, it is all George. The highest amount of funding that George secured was perhaps the 50 million dollar dollars for the Coronavirus. That amount was wasted. Up to now, not even CDC officials, low level street partisans can give the regime any credit. A strong supporter of the regime in the Senate spoke of his county never receiving any food distribution. But the remote village of Grand Kru County with roads, benefited from the Coronavirus food distribution. Somebody Go Figure . Hney does not know that .
    The only good thing about the Fish Town project is, George did not stopped the project, neither could he take out the funding for himself. The deal was approved already, Hney. Already. But the coastal highway projects and min stadiums are still waiting attention.

  4. James Davis,

    I like how you make things blunt to my adorable Grand Frere Hney. Keep reminding him of what he should be saying and supporting. We don’t just support because we hate the other side.
    Hney must accept to be objective in his support. I recently agreed with him that there was still some kind of disorganization within the ANC, but he will never accept the plague his CDC represents for Liberia.

    CDC is the most dangerous political party ever to exist in Liberia. Do you know why? It is the gathering of all former combatants from all warring factions in Liberia. This is their strength for which they boast.

    They are happy to see Weah completing someone’s projects, what project has Weah initiated since he came to power? Projects of organized crimes, embezzlement and disfiguration of the physical and political landscape.
    Sadly, he still has supporters like Gabriel Bestman who do not see the danger and ills they are doing to Liberia.

    Continue your assassination projects, those people you are assassinating have children, they were born unto families, they belong to a village, a clan, a county, an organization, and they have friends and loved ones who really cherish them, beware Hoodlum Weah and hooligans!

  5. When I counted the number of “laughs” that James Davis lashed out in his rebuttal, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it without gasping for air in his or her vocal cords.

    Thirteen laughs just because of a disagreement! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Furthermore, if anyone tries to laugh like that in private or public, (especially in public) someone might think something is definitely wrong!

    Why is it so funny for me to disagree or make a factual statement?
    First and foremost, I’ve acknowledged the fact that the construction of roads was originally begun by EJS. Weah could have siphoned off the money to do other things. But, it didn’t happen. The road construction project is ongoing. Soon to be completed! Fantastic! Should Weah not be credited for doing that? During the Obama years, a Canadian project once referred to as the “Keystone Pipeline”, was not agreed to by Obama to go anywhere. But, Trump reversed or abrogated what Obama had stopped. With regard to Liberia, my point (was, is) that Weah could have ignored the project which was uncompleted by EJS. But Weah followed through. By completing something Weah’s predecessor had started, does Weah deserve a 1% credit?

    Comrade Dolo states that the CDC is “the most dangerous political party” that ever came to power in Liberia. I am appalled! But I agree with comrade Dolo because he has the God-given right to express himself. In any case, I do believe that the True Whig Party was the worst and most dangerous of the parties.

    I also find it hard to believe that comrade Dolo finds it pleasurable to chide columnist Menjor because Menjor wrote his article without regard to the use of paragraphs. But somehow, James Davis whom comrade Dolo embraces because of Davis’s condemnation of me did not bother to indent. By the way, James Davis refuses to indent …….. always! Because Davis never indents, it’s usually hard to understand what he writes.

    Comrade Dolo, is it right for James Davis to indent?


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