CHICO Concerned about Delay in Road Work


As the pavement of Gbarnga – Ganta to Guinea border reaches its peak, the road construction firm CHICO is concerned about length of time it is taking to complete the work, almost three months after the road reached Ganta.

On Friday engineers from the company were held a technical consultation meeting with Nimba County Public Works Engineer, Lahaison Waritay, on the design of the road.

During the discussion the Public Works Engineer requested for another two weeks to allow him to consult the Ministry of Public Works for the relocation of the electric poles that are situated in the right away.

One of the engineers, only identified as Wang, said time was running for the completion of the road and the government’s request should be less than a week.

“Time is against us and we are thinking about losing additional two weeks for relocation, but if there is any condition then it should be done in less than two weeks,” Engineer Wang said.

The delay of the road work is said to be creating concern among residents and those plying the road to other parts of Nimba.

But most of the problem leading to the delay appears to come from the government, because it was only late July that the government completed the payment of those who have their properties on the right of away, residents said.

Investigations conducted revealed that there is no sign of the government relocating light poles that are located on the right of way.

The poles along the right away have been some of the impediments for the smooth working of the Chinese and it is causing problem for the construction of the drainage, a company official said.

During the July 26 season, the main street of Ganta where the road work is going on turned muddy, creating travel hazard.


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