Chess President Calls on Members for Support

The federation'S president standing in the center with other members of his administration

The president of Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) William T. Thompson has told members of his federation that his leadership will need every member’s support to move the federation forward.

Thompson spoke during his induction ceremony at the headquarters of the LCF in Cong Town.
Thompson said he made the call because, without the support of his federation members who elected his leadership into office, he will not be able to accomplish the federation’s objectives.

The LCF president paid tribute to the members to elect his officials and added that they made no mistake for the trust they have placed in his leadership.

Thompson said the trust that his friends have placed in his leadership would not be misused and vowed to work in accordance with the constitution of the LCF.

He said his first move as LCF president will be to make chess more popular in the country and that their 2019 edition of Chess for Security Program would start this year. He said it will be done in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense so that they can institutionalize chess in the Arm Forces of Liberia (AFL).

“Our Chess for Security Program would help to set the basis for security guidance in Liberia and it would also create job opportunities for us as chess players and at the same time help us to train more players for the game,” he said.

Thompson made it clear to his members that they don’t have to depend on the government for support because the government is political, and the regime may change so his administration will build an institution that can be commercialized.

“One of our main visions is to commercialize chess because chess and football are the rich institutions and both institutions got their riches through commercialization.

“We can replicate that knowledge here but that can only be done with your ideas and the contact you have with people and we can use those ideas to move our federation forward,” he said.

He emphasized that most of his federation’s athletes are aging and they need to start to train new athletes that will have the passion for the game.

“We want to see how we can invest in the young generation and to prove that we are serious about helping to develop the minds of our young athletes, we will be starting our monthly program this year in two schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education,” he said.

He said a school program would set the basis for chess in Liberian schools and that the program would fully be supported because he has been elected on the Executive Board of the World Chess Federation (WCF).

Thompson paid respect to officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Finance Minister Samuel Tweah who have continued to stand with his federation as they struggle to rejuvenate that strong spirit of the game.

Those elected along with Thompson are Richmond D. K. Yakpah, vice president, Tamba William Saa, secretary general, Merisco M. Davis, financial secretary, James S. Tondo, treasure, and Marvis Chea, chaplain.


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