Chess Federation’s President Wants an Inclusive Administration


The newly elected president of Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) William T. Thompson says his administration will seek the interest of all members of the federation and therefore has called on its members to forget the past.

Thompson, who served the LCF as its interim president for one year, made it clear that he believes in inclusive leadership and his office is open to its members because if they all agree to work together it will uplift the organization.

“Let us keep working together because if every one of us put our differences behind us and bring our ideas together, we can move this institution forward and our athletes will have an impact on athletes from other countries,” he said.

Thompson is to serve for two years as per the constitution of the federation and, according to him, his election came based on the responsible way he served the federation as an interim president from March 2018 to January and until he was elected on Saturday, January 26.

“As an interim president, the first competition our athletes participated in was the International Chess Olympia held in Batumi, Georgia, in Eastern Europe, and four athletes and a coach represented the country,” he said.

The five athletes that represented Liberia were Jacob Jallah, Baccon Harmon, Tom Sawyer, James Tondo and Thomas Saah, who served as head coach of the team.

“Our team came second to Nigeria, among the West Africa countries, and such performance is a big boost for us; and at the same time I was elected by delegates to that Olympia as an executive board member of the world governing body of Chess,” Thompson said.

He said his election as an executive board member of the world governing body of chess was based on the progress he brought into the game in Liberia.

“My election as an executive board member of the world governing body of chess came after those who elected me looked at the work I have done for the growth of chess in one year as an interim leader, which encouraged them to have that confidence in me to serve that position,” he said.

He said: “Our first national rated chess tournament in Liberia was in November 2018 after we were accredited by the world governing body of the game, and James Tondo won that competition. He represented Liberia at the Zone 4.4 tournament in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in December 2018.”


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