Chess Federation Elects Interim Leadership

L-R: Ivan, Clarence, Richmond and William of LCF interim leadership

The Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) has elected an interim leadership after a vote of no confidence was passed on the Winston K. Ireland leadership.

Those elected were William Thompson, president; Richmond Yakpa, vice president; Clarence Buigbo, financial secretary, and Ivan Cholopray, as treasurer while Roland Zeze and Kona Tamba were also appointed to serve as advisors with a mandate to hold elections in November.

Ireland, vice president Omar Issa, financial secretary Jerome B. Wilson, Treasurer Lewellyn E. Brent and Chaplain Godfrey A. Richards were invited to attend an emergency general assembly on 15 March but only Wilson of the 10th Street Chess Club showed-up.

Wilson was asked to report on the LCF’s financial activities for the period under review.

“My first task was to see that we have a change in signatures to the LCF’s account at Ecobank but the president bypassed me and got another specimen card with two signatures. That made me ineffective. I have several emails exchanges with Ireland and the rest of the leadership. I tried to evoke the relevant part of the constitution to call for a special assembly,” Wilson told delegates.

After his interaction, a motion was made to allow John Jallah read the resolution, which charges ranged from the “dismal and incompetent manner the LCF was being administered” to “financial mismanagement of a grant of US$3,000 and L$500,000 from the Liberian government and US$12,000 from World Chess Federation or FIDE”.

The resolution also mandated Ireland and team to hand over assets,including 200 boards and clocks issued by the African Chess Confederation (ACF) in 2017, boards and clubs in the possession of acting secretary-general Leroy Gibson and equipment transported to 10th Street Chess Club President Konah Tamba’s residence after the eviction of the LCF from its Front Street office for rent.

Those who signed the February 24 resolution were Presidents Roland Zayzay of Arabian Knight Chess, Thomas Karyah of Invincible Knight Chess, Kemo Samola, Jr. of 72nd Chess, Tom Sawyer of Borough Chess, Robert Sonkalay of Boulevard Chess, Clarence Buigbo of CIA Chess, Kona Tamba of 10 Street Chess, Christian Brownell of Old Hands Chess, Jamal Isharka Turay of White Castle Chess, James S. Tondo of Bardnersville Chess and Yenkenyen Glay of Central Maltadi Chess Clubs respectively.

Others, who signed, were Liberia’s defending male champions Barcon Harmon of Invincible Knight Chess Club, who is an Executive Council member, runner-up Anthony Waylea, Jr. of the Boulevard Chess Club, female champions Widor Tarplah of Invincible Knight Chess Club and runner-up Siatta Gray-Sherman of Boulevard Chess Club, who are also Executive Council members respectively.

Honorary member Emmanuel Cooper and Rev. Joshua Nador, Parker Barcolleh and Albert T. Dayyeah, who are affiliated members, signed the resolution, which was shared with Sports Minister Zoegar Wilson, ACC President Lewis Ncube, and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

And the delegates needed a process to perfect the vote of no confidence, which saw 59 votes in favor and one abstention.

President-elect William Thompson, whose team, will not be allowed to contest the immediate election in November, was grateful to the delegates for having chosen him to lead them to the Promised Land.

Thompson also promised to secure an office space for the federation, having been thrown out of their Front Street office for rent.

Article 9, sections K and L of November 29, 2014, constitution, gives the general assembly the powers to take disciplinary actions against its officers, officials and members but Ireland said the general assembly was illegal because he didn’t preside.

Ireland, however, admitted to receiving funds from the Liberian government and FIDE but said the funds were used to settle LCF’s indebtedness with Kirsan promising to clear the balance.


  1. I look forward to working with the Liberia Chess Federation’s Interim Leadership in preparing the Federation for elections in November of this year. I wish you the best in your endeavors to promote chess across Liberia. Congratulations!


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