Mr John Alexander Nyan, Executive Director of CHESS

Urged government to support CBOs

The Community Health Education and Social Service (CHEES) has embraced the government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Development (PAPD), which was officially launched in Ganta recently.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Ganta, Executive Director John Alexander Nyan, Jr., said his organization already has an agenda; therefore he has embraced the PAPD because the first pillar focuses on power to the people and economic empowerment.

Mr. Nyan explained that his organization is working in two thematic areas in the Sustainable Development Goal, with emphasis on goal # 3, which focuses on good health and wellbeing of the people, and goal # 6, which is clean water and sanitation.

“We are very happy with the PAPD because it is in line with our agenda, which is community driven, and we want the government to prioritize the CBOs in the implementation of the PAPD,” he said.

“We specialize in community health, livelihood and research for sustainable development, which is also the first pillar of the PAPD,” he said.

He explained that all their activities have been community centered and that communities have been greatly involved and have been supportive.

“We feel that whatsoever projects implemented should be owned and sustained by the community, which indicates that our program gives high preference to community participation and ownership,” he said.

CHESS is based in Saclepea City, in Nimba County, and has been implementing projects for International non-governmental organizations in several communities across Liberia.

Currently, the organization is carrying out health education in schools in several communities in Liberia, teaching the pupils about good hygiene, reproductive health, and cleanliness, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, among others.

CHESS, among other Civil Society Organizations, participated in the Ministry of Health’s Dialogue on Health Financing Reform, which took place in Ganta at the close of October this year.

The MOH’s recent Dialogue for Health Financing Reform was held under the theme, “Sustainable Financing: A catalyst for universal health coverage in Liberia.”


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