Chemgbetee, Jekwikpo Celebrate Access to Schools in 10-minute Walk

The Chemgbetee Public School nearing completion in Doeswen Town, Dorbor Statutory District,, Grand Kru County

The promise of access to education within a very short distance, rather than hour-long walks for students, has put ‘tearful smiles’ on the faces of parents, especially for the elementary schools, which are expected to be ready this year in Chemgbetee and Jekwikpo, Grand Kru County.

The nearing of completion of the two elementary schools have parents of school-going children overcome with excitement because, over the the past years, children have been engaged in active commuting (walking) to school for more than three hours which has health and safety implications among young the pupils. Thus, most female students have been denied of going to school and remained at home.

Dozens  of residents of Chemgbetee and Jekwikpo have extended their thanks and appreciation to Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa over the progress on the construction of the Chemgbetee Public School and the George Tugbeh Worlor Elementary School in Jekwikpo in the Dorbor and Sasstown Statutory Districts, respectively.

Sasstown Statutory Superintendent Manadeh Tarpeh, on behalf of his kin, said the school will “lift the burden” over his people’s shoulders who sent their children across far distances to go to school everyday.

“We are praying that God should give Rep. Koffa strength to finish what he has started,” he said.

Oldma Martha Nagbe, popularly known as “the Oldma”, said in her Kru vernacular that construction of schools and the housing units are too much to not be grateful to “Nyensuah” (meaning God) for.

Aloysious Jipoh, the Ahteenah Scholarship Director in the Sasstown Office of Rep. Koffa, said the schools will serve as a “relief” to most parents and will encourage more children to go to school.

Aloysious Jipoh, the Sasstown Scholarship Director at the George Tugbeh Worlor School under construction

“There  will  be triple enrollments not only because of the few minutes’ walk also because the registrations and school fees will be very cheap and affordable and, besides, Rep. Koffa is considering increasing the list of scholarship students,” Jipoh averred.

The 11-room Chemgbetee Public School in Chemgbetee, according to the construction company, will be completed and furnished in September and be turned over the same month, while the 11-room George Tugbeh Worlor School in Jekwikpo, is expected to be readied in December.

Jekwikpo, which means ‘civilized people’, is in Sasstown, Sasstown Statutory District, while Chemgbetee, meaning ‘cutting under my toes’, is a village in Doeswen Town, Dorbor Statutory District, and Chemgbetee means

Town Chief Augustine Weah and Chiefs Nyonoh Wiah and D. Jleh Ditah, in separate comments, hailed Rep. Koffa for the progress in the construction.

Rep. Koffa, who is the chairman on the House’s Judiciary Committee, wrote on his Facebook page regarding the Chemgbetee School: “God willing, over 300 children from Chengbetee are expected to gain access to education in a new facility within 10 minutes rather than over an hour [walking distance] to the nearest town, beginning this 2020/2021 Academic School Year.”

He added: “We are depending on God to fully complete the Chengbetee Public School Project in October, and turn it over to the community. Amen!”

His assertions in “fulfilling his promise” has gained admiration from Liberians in the Diaspora, including renowned economist, Samuel P. Jackson, who commented: “Good Job.”

Meanwhile, the third school project, Taybue Elementary School in Tybue, Buah Statutory District, is expected to be completed hopefully by October 2021.


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