Cheesemanburg Township Accepts Challenge


Cheesemanburg citizens have accepted a challenge for each resident to contribute twenty Liberian dollars, from now until November 15, towards the development of the township.

The suggestion was advanced by Mr. Joseph Jackie Brown, the former director of Cyber Crime at the Ministry of National Security, during a recent visit to the township.

Brown was in Cheesemanburg to express appreciation to its elders for their participation in his recent gowning and certification by the National Governors Council of Liberia for his services to the country.

Brown told a gathering of Cheesemanburg citizens that it was necessary for them to begin such an initiative in which every resident contributes twenty Liberian dollars towards the development of the community.

“I want you to take the first step in this direction,” Brown said.

“You must begin to help yourself and others will see the need to help you.”

Responding, Cheesemansburg Township Commissioner, Thomas Cassell, accepted the challenge and said such an initiative could foster a spirit of togetherness “as the community would now realize that something is being done about its development.”

Cheesemanburg resident Andrew Cassell called on his fellow residents to be “realistic, reliable and committed to the development of the township,” encouraging them to follow the arrangement and make their twenty Liberian dollar contributions.

Following the call, several residents made their contributions, starting with Cole Momoh Dukuly and a three-year-old child. Others followed, and an initial amount of L$520 was raised.

In a related development, Brown secured several shovels, hoes and diggers from UMARCO, a local building materials company, to the tune of US$350 and turned them over to the Cheesemanburg commissioner’s office.

It can be recalled that Brown was recently gowned and certificated by the National Governors Council of Liberia, representing 16 tribes and 15 counties, for his five years of service as director of Cyber Crime at the Ministry of National Security, without a salary or honorarium.

Brown is a retired United States of America soldier who twice toured Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom that toppled the administration of the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

He was honored by the former United States President George Walker Bush for his valor in rescuing his colleagues, including his commander, when his unit came under enemy attack in Iraq.

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