Chea Cheapo Is Dead


Cllr. Chea Cheapoo, one of Liberia’s tough-talking lawyers and statesmen, is dead.  According to a source close to the family, Cheapoo expired on September 16 at the residence of his son, Sacki Cheapoo, in Caldwell, New Georgia, after a protracted period of ailment.

Born in Kiteabo, River Gee County, formerly Weebo District of Grand Gedeh County, onto the union of Joseph S. Cheapoo Sampson and Sarah Cheapoo Sampson, Cllr. Cheapoo enrolled at the Booker Washington Institute (BWI), where he completed his secondary education and then matriculated to North Carolina Central University, where he graduated with a law degree (LLB). 

Cllr. Cheapoo served Liberia as a Justice Minister and Chief Justice during the Samuel K. Doe regime. He also served as Senator of Grand Gedeh County in the late 1970s.


  1. Death, says Rabindinranath Tagore is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come!!!

    Take heart children and families of Cllr. CHEA CHEAPO Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia,, and Former Attorney General of Liberia!!

    Your father and family member, now in the bosom of Abraham, was one of Liberias most respected jurists, revolutionary progressives, and one of the most astute Statesmen amongst Liberian lawyers!!

    His revolutionary conviction and his jurisprudential erudition, came, saw, and conquered, the TWPS ARMIES OF INJUSTICE during the political and legal battles and wars of the 70s viz God given rights of the Liberian people to multiparty democracy in a country then bypassed by the wind of change after the Second World War, and on a continent where single party rule was the political normativity and style of governance!

    As we say Fare Thee Well! Fare Thee Well! Fare Thee Well!, True Progressive, THE TRUTH tells us that your life, its purpose, and its legacy, are foot prints on the sands of time and satellites beyond the stars for all Liberians of good will and for born and unborn generations of Liberia!

    Thus, we clearly see you with the angels of God and the saints of glory joyously, victoriously and triumphantly marching and dancing your way through the Gates of Heaven!!!

  2. justice minister under terrible doe who killed thousands of people. the krahn killed so many people and he could have prevented it. I am glad he died there should be no state funeral for this idiot

    • Despite the circumstances experienced during the Doe’s regime, a leader must always be leader and honor as a leader. With all the ills King Saul levelled against David, Divide didn’t takeaway Saul’s life. Forgiveness is a healing power to redemption. Besides, if this Weah led government doesn’t give the fallen honorable stateman a honorable State funeral, that will show a high evel of cruelty. Let God be God!

  3. My Brother or Sister ( NSFFC ), Every Liberian suffered directly or indirectly from the coup of 1980 and we are still paying the price today.

    My Dad was a Member of the House of Representatives during the Tolbert Government and on that Saturday morning, April 12, 1980, AFL soldiers came to our house, open fire and stormed their way in with the intention of killing everyone inside.

    When you are a child of God, What can man do ? Unfortunately for them, info was sent to my Dad about what was going on at the Executive Mansion and was advice to leave immediately, and we did before the soldiers got there.

    Fast forward, Many of the Progressives like Cllr.Cheapoo could do little or nothing to prevent what was happening from 1980 onwards. Some of them were not in favor or knew nothing of the executions that was taking place. Those coup makers were afraid that they were going to be attack by Guinea or Ivory Coast if certain former official of Government or a politician favor by the people was around and alive.

    It is my prayer that we Liberians get to the place of forgivingness because it is beneficial to the hurting parties and brings relief by letting Go and letting God.


  4. Brother Nelson,
    Good heartfelt statement. You’re right. If God the creator is on your side, no weapons will overwhelm you. Because He will protect and shelter you according to His grace!

    I didn’t know Mr. Cheapo. The most important thing is that Cheapo served his country. It is incombent upon us to serve our country with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, some people don’t see it that way. Instead of asking God for instructions according to how we could help our country, some unpatriotic Liberians accuse, criticize, destroy and offer dumb-dumb solutions.

    What’s more important is that Cheapo served his country. May his soul rest in peace.

    Where have you been brother? You’ve been silent in recent weeks. Don’t get me scared like that. Wish you well bro.

    Peace and prosperity.
    Be safe out there.

  5. James Davis did not come to bury the dead, but it is a good thing that they know the kind of country that they are leaving behind. A kind of country that was perhaps meant to benefit themselves and their families or children. But if this is Hell, we all inside there. That’s the fact.

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