Charlyne Brumskine Challenges Girls

Atty. Brumskine poses with some of the participants at the International Day of the Girl Child ceremony, who celebrated with the theme and text of the event.

By Sonnie C. Lawrence (Intern)

A female attorney-at-law has called on young girls and young women to be more patriotic and uphold the principles and values of respect for society.

Charlyne M. Brumskine, a daughter of opposition Liberty Party former standard-bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, made this statement recently at a program marking the International Day of the Girl Child, which was celebrated in the gymnasium of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) and hosted by “The Talk,” a social media platform where basic issues affecting girls and their empowerment are discussed.

The International Day of the Girl Child has been a key global movement to celebrate the power of girls and highlight the barriers they face since the United Nations adopted it in December 2011.

“For me as a Liberian woman, as a mother of a girl child, I feel that it is so essential that we celebrate our girls and that we gave Liberian girls the future they deserve,” Atty. Brumskine said.

The 2019 theme for this year’s activities, “Girl Force Unscripted and Unstoppable,” Atty. Brumskine said, means that Liberian girls must not be defined by these acne norms of what girls in Africa or in Liberia should be.

“They should be unscripted to speak truth to their lives. Liberian girls must say it is not business as usual; not politics as usual; society, and therefore we the new Liberian girls should believe in equality, justice for all we believe irrespective of our gender.”

Atty. Brumskine called on government and international partners to provide the same opportunity for education, the same opportunity for a seat at the legislature and a corporate table where women’s voices would be heard.

She also wants the same opportunity to be a bond that would make women actively powerful to participate and be elected and electable in the electoral processes in order to have a voice in politics.

This, Atty. Brumskine said, means to be unscripted and unstoppable, which also means that no one should place any unnecessary human and societal opposition, boundaries or barriers on Liberian women, rather ensure that they are unscripted and unstoppable in the positive trajectory which Liberia should have been moving along a long time ago.

“We must empower our girls,” she said.

The event brought together civil society actors, representatives of government agencies and international partners.


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