Chaos, Uproar Disrupt Senate Chambers over ‘Presiding Procedures’

Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence addresses journalists after the abrupt adjournment of plenary

— Senators Lawrence, Cooper, Naatehn, Wesseh, Sando Johnson vent anger on Saah Joseph

The Senate was on Thursday, August 22, 2019 plunged into chaos and uproar following a motion that unceremoniously ended its plenary hearing that brought together national security heads, including those at the helm of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Liberia Immigration Services (LIS), National Security Agency (NSA) as well as the ministries of Justice and National Defense.

The Senate has invited heads of the security apparatuses in response to a joint communication from Senators Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Conmany B. Wesseh, and Abraham Darius Dillon in which they decried the seeming breakdown of law and order with respect to electoral violence.

After many interruptions and verbal exchange between the presiding officer, Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph as chairman of the Executive Committee and some Senators, the Inspector General of LNP, Patrick Sudue, took the witness stand, and made a lengthy statement backed by documents, referencing violence as far back as the MNG Gold mine incident in Bong County, and as recent as the electoral violence in Logan Town.

In accordance with the standing Senate Rules, Senators were expected to cross examine the witness and also allow the other invited security heads to have input since they were cited separately. But within a twinkling of an eye, Bong County Senator Henry W. Yallah called the attention of presiding officer Joseph to allow him proffer a motion, and he was recognized and allowed to do so.

Heads of various Security agenies take oath in Senate Plenary before beginning the testmonies

In his motion, Senator Yallah spoke thus: “Where we are now, having listened to the principal actor that has to do with the police and the MoJ and the IG exhibited several documents of exchanges between him and the complainants, and others that were perceived to be perpetrators and what have you.”

Yallah continued that “people cooperated and some did not; investigation is still ongoing… while it is true that the plenary invited them to this open plenary, but the way the Senate works to reach to the root of issues has to do with specialized committees that will receive the different evidences required, investigate in depth, and report to this plenary”.

“While on my feet, I move that if I can obtain a second that all of the pieces of evidences presented by the IG together with the MoJ in conjunction with what we have as some senators as exhibit should be presented to the Committee on National Defense and Judiciary, that this team appear before them, and that they do thorough investigation, and the both committees report to this plenary for plenary action,” he said.

Presiding Senator Joseph’s call to vote on Yallah’s motion was greeted with a resounding nay (no!)

Shortly thereafter, chaos ensued with some senators calling the names of the presiding officers, while Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, one of the three writers of the letter that brought the top security heads, displayed her anger and disbelief by drenching presiding Senator Joseph with a small bottle of water, while the Senate unceremoniously adjourned.

In a post-session press briefing, Senators Conmany Wesseh, Oscar Cooper, Daniel Naatehn, Sando Johnson and Lawrence in their strongly-worded outburst described the behavior of Senators Yallah and Joseph as “appalling and unbelievable.”

Senator Wesseh: “There are just few people, who are giving the Senate and Legislature a bad name, but we will not, those of us who call ourselves senators for constitutional justice and peace, and the good number of others will fight until the dignity of our country is restored. That, people will see this country is ripe for foreign investment in our children; our youth and everybody will have the possibility to live in peace and happiness.”

Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson, said what occurred in the Chambers did not come as a surprise for presiding officer Joseph to “railroad us and obtain a motion that would not have been done in the first place, which was cleverly done so as to bring the entire Senate to public ridicule.”

Senators Sando Johnson (left) and Oscar Cooper share their views on the dire security of he State, which they say need to be brought under control.

While the presiding officer and others were finding humor in the situation at hand, Senator Sando Johnson said that other people’s children are in hospital for major injuries from the Logan Town incident, “but Saah Joseph is simply telling us that he does not have human feelings.”

“I don’t have trust and interest in the current police leadership, and so we now have to protect ourselves. We brought a video footage in chamber (today) so the Liberian people could see for themselves what really transpired, but people like Saah Joseph, did not want the truth to be brought out, because it would disgrace the CDC and police,” Sando Johnson said.

Senator Oscar Cooper did not mince his words and anger when he described the Thursday’s plenary uproar as “a total disgrace for the Senate not to delve into the well-being and safety of the Liberian people.

“I have never seen such a criminal behavior by Presiding Saah Joseph, and another criminal behavior by a motion proffered by Bong County Senator Henry Yallah. We cannot tolerate these things anymore in our country; making mockery of the joint security and that of the Senate.

“The day you see me sit under the gavel of Saah Joseph in the Senate, curse me… he is a criminal, Yallah is a criminal, their behaviors are criminal, because they are jeopardizing the stability of this country, and we will fight against it,” Senator Cooper declared.

Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Naatehn, who also spoke in like manner, recalled that the past war was necessitated by similar “dishonest behavior by people in governance.”

Naatehn: “I will invite you all beginning Tuesday, August 27, 2019 to visit the Senate Chambers every session day. I am going on strike, and will not allow the presiding of Senator Saah Joseph until I get the number to remove him as chair on the executive committee. He will not preside as chair on executive in the absence of the Pro Tempore. I will disturb and let me see who in the senate can expel me or suspend me. All of us (senators) are speaking to you that we are at security risk. If you hear that my house is attacked, know that it is the government that has ordered the attack.”

Senator Karnga-Lawrence, who chairs the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration, and in whose office the post-session briefing was held, described what obtained in their Chambers with respect to the IG’s presentation as an embarrassment to the country.

“We expected this day to be a day that we would have made a decision to redeem our people when it comes to security; unfortunately, some of our senators and leaders connived and held a meeting to disrupt the hearing today,” she said.

She called on her colleagues to look beyond party lines, for the good of the country, noting, “Our peace here is fragile. This means all of us are in danger, because everywhere is compromised, and it is pathetic. Today, as you asked whether I wasted water on Saah Joseph, yes I did so, because the mother and woman side of me came out as the only female in the Senate. I did not regret my action.”

Meanwhile, during his presentation, IG Sudue expressed regret that in some instances, the police is not effective, because the entity lacks sufficient budgetary allocation, and appealed for reasonable appropriation in the ongoing 2019/2020 national budget. He did not address main issue for which he was called, which was the alleged partisan posture of the LNP, as seen on numerous video footage, where police officers in riot gear are seen standing supinely watching as opposition leaders and their supporters were being attacked by marauding gangs loyal to the ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). The Senators were expected to cross-examine the Police Inspector General, when the Senate chamber erupted.


  1. A wise person once said, “Salvation and justice are not to be found in revolution, but in evolution through concord (agreement). Violence has only achieved destruction, not construction; violence ignites the kindling of passions, not their pacification; it brings the accumulation of hate and destruction, not the reconciliation of the contending parties; and it has reduced men and parties to the difficult task of building slowly after sad experience on the ruins of discord.”

    It is indeed very sad to watch Liberia, a nation still recovering from many years of self-destruction and countless deaths, slowly falls apart again. It is very shameful and disheartening to watch Liberian Lawmakers behave unprofessionally when the country is on the verge of disintegrating into pieces.

    Unfortunately, some unscrupulous Lawmakers and other self-centered government officials, who make huge salaries, fail to realize the ever present security risk emanating from such reoccurring political and senseless mob violence.

    Many countries that went through similar fate (war and political violence) as Liberia, have bounced back economically. Unfortunately, it seems Liberia is heading in the wrong direction again. What is really wrong with our Leadership in Liberia? Insanity is running amok in Liberia again.

    There are many factors in Liberia that need to be addressed in order to restore hope and help reduce the violence in Liberia. Here are few listed below:

    1. Liberians should stop politicizing everything that goes wrong in the country: party politics has become synonymous to tribal warfare in Liberia. This form of “Us versus Them” politics is too dangerous and makes it difficult in the struggle toward national unity. We are all Liberians First!!! If the security apparatus which took oath to serve and protect the Liberian people falls prey to a particular political party, then, the country is heading down a slippery slope towards violence and destruction.

    2. The high illiteracy rate in Liberia makes it very difficult for the ordinary people to determine/evaluate their own political and economic destiny in decision making. Many politicians take advantage of our illiterate people to achieve their selfish political agendas. Despite their illiteracy and party affiliation, we should treat every Liberian with respect and dignity.

    3. There is an Economic Warfare between the Haves and the Have-nots in Liberia: there exist a vast economic disparity between top Government Officials and the everyday hard –working Liberians. These vast economic gaps are responsible for some of the political tensions in Liberia.

    4. Not too many private jobs (companies) are in Liberia. Therefore, there is an over-dependency on government jobs which creates an environment for blind party loyalty (whichever party is in charge). Such desperate climate for survival creates Master (government officials) and Servant (poor party loyalists) relationship in Liberia. Remember, “He who holds the gold makes the rule.”

    5. Basic Human Rights violations are rampant in Liberia. Poor Liberians, those who are not members of the present government or past government, always feel ostracized (left out). Justice is never handed down (dispensed) equally for the poor in Liberia. Those who are in prison or arrested for trumped-up charges, lack money for bail or defense lawyers. Therefore, they are denied justice for a long time.

    6. Equal opportunity for many Liberians living in the rural parts of Liberia is very elusive. People living in the rural parts of Liberia are on their own while greedy lawmakers and government officials wine and dine on the tax payers’ money in Monrovia. These government officials lie just to get elected in order to achieve their personal aggrandizement.

    7. Poverty is so rampant to the extent that many poor Liberians, regardless of party affiliation, do not understand that it is their basic rights for Government (through taxes collected) to provide them with basic social services: good schools, housings, roads, equal justice under the law, security protection, medical facilities and many more. These social services, if provided at all, are not provided through the Goodwill of the President nor Government Officials. These government officials in Liberia always give the wrong impression whenever they do provide social services as though it is done out of charity. They were elected to take care of the people instead; they provide services mostly for adoration and just to remain in power by any means necessary.

    8. Violence has become ingrained into many youths (now adults): some, who fought in the civil war, still serve in the government of Liberia are acting recklessly. Not many child/adult soldiers were adequately rehabilitated: many did not get psychological counseling for post dramatic stress disorder (PTSD), nor did they go through alcohol and drug recovery program. They still remain a threat to society if things get out of hand as we are now witnessing in the constant re-occurrence of political and mob violence in Liberia.

    9. The downward economy and constant political tensions among rival political parties in the Legislative Branch, coupled with disgruntled Liberian Citizens of how the President is running (dividing) the country and the deteriorating security situation in the country are some of the impetuses (compelling forces) that are creating hostile and volatile situations in Liberia.

    10. Many Liberians are complaining about the lack of development in Liberia. How will Liberia ever develop, that has many potentials of becoming a tourist destination like Ghana, when Liberia continues to remain in a state of perpetual political chaos? Violence and unrest drive away potential investors.

    As the wise person said, “Violence has only achieved destruction; not construction… and it has reduced men and parties to the difficult task of building slowly after sad experience on the ruins of discord.”

    When will we ever stop shooting ourselves in the foot? Only time will tell!!!!

  2. So, it is evidently the character of this Nyounblee Karngar Lawrence that she is a street-violent thug who was a child reared up in violence and extreme semi ghetto uncivilized life! A legislator drenching her colleague’s with water as a result of her disagreement with him?

    This hooliganism and official MIS-CONDUCT should have some consequences. She should be expelled. She is a disappointment, embarrassment, and a disgrace to our county. This personality of hers is pushing us to believe the news around the county and elsewhere that she ACTUALLY used fetish means to have her husband and that girl killed in that fatal accident because according to her the girl and her husband were having an affair. And since she would benefit from insurance funds she COULD carry out such wickedness and violence.

    • Violence has always set table for change. It has either shame us or exhausted us. Martin Luther king known for peace is an example. When white people saw how blacks where been treated during their march for equal rights, been beaten, dog biting them, it shamed white Americans into wanting change. The Boston tea party, american civil war …etc. By no means am I advocating for violence, just wanted to point out the fallacy.

      With that said, our whole leadership, judiciary, legislatures, executive and those Liberians whom are supporting wrong because they are benefiting from it are advocating for violence in a country that has been abuse. In a place where so much poverty exist, do you really believe the few that doing ok are safe? Do you think the homes you are building are safe? Leaders need to lead by their actions, and not by words. You can’t be living the lavish life and then ask a man who is just looking to eat for today to hold on. Those you have friend in govt. Please reach out to them and let them know they messing things up. The judiciary and legislatures need to lead by cutting their salaries, stopping their corruptions and then pushing to have people put in jail for the recent chaos in the country. So call opposition themselves are part of the nonsense.

    • my heart cry out for Liberian with this kind of news. I pray that Jan. 2020 pass us by in peace. when people are not protected, and are oppressed they term to fight for their rights. the people of Liberia may stand up to fight again for their rights against CDC if CDC not careful. CDC need to see Liberia and Liberians as one people. yesterday it was NPP now it is CDC. time is running out for Weah to see all Liberians as one despite our tribe, religion, party, and believe. if he don’t even the world will start to speak out against him to defend the oppressed. this is not the weah people who vote him saw few years ago.

      Weah and I from the same town, His mom and my grand mother were best friends, I did not voted for him and will never vote for him because I believed he could was and is not the right person to be president for Liberia. I accept him because he is a Liberian and Liberians voted for him. but it is getting late for him. people are getting to know that he is not fit.

      weah can not speak against any of his people because they will tell him all the truth about him. this behavior of Joseph is very surprising. But similar to what happen to Edward Ford during ebola may happen to one of these power that be to realized that Liberia is getting unsafe day by day.

      for weah, a saying ” if the Christmas will be good, you will know from the eve” so it is ” if weah would have been a good president people would have knew from his 2-3yrs as senator in the greatest county in Liberia. stay yet the voted him. But time will tell.

      may God save my mother land.

  3. Angrily “drenching water” on someone amounts to assault, but Reporter Burgess tried to downplay Senator Karnga-Lawrence’s “assault” on her colleague. Ironically, concerns about violence stoked the debate, and violence against women has become rightfully topical. So, the jarring spectacle of a female Senator showing that she needs anger management counseling reinforces how prevalent violence is in postwar Liberia. If the oversight summon, then, was geared towards finding scapegoats instead of focusing a holistic lens on the causes of mob violence and how best they can be addressed, our legislators will be wasting their time.

    • sylvester baghdad moses talking about assault and violence. former NSA director under Doe? what atrocities occurred under your watch sir? drenching water is minor compared to what you did to innocent civilians under a murderous ruler. You were Master sergeant Doe main man when there were all the killings. I wish my dad was alive to meet you in person. wow

  4. Nyounblee, as a woman, a Liberian, and former international civil servant, I am ASHAMED of your disgraceful behaviour! What are you teaching your children?

  5. While it is true the honorable female senator was unprofessional in controlling her anger and there should be consequences for that, I will also say that if all written is true then the spilling of water in my opinion was less important than having the entire security apparatus to answer to the plight of the state where people almost lost their lives and for the honorable man to play with the Liberian people lives denying his colleague of their oversight power because of partisan bullshit that is disheartening. he should consider himself a disgrace, I am sure he and his family sleep good @ night but can we say the same about the day to day Liberian(s) and their families, People afraid to walk the streets because the do not trust their own securities that took an oath to protect every Liberian but instead are protecting the select few. Lastly I hope the honorable woman can apologize to her colleagues and better control her temper the next but she meant well, Lastly people like Hon. Joseph are power drunk today but remember what goes up comes down as well and one day he will be on the other end as the masses that`s crying today….

  6. The dishonorable senator, madam Nyounblee, deserves to be censored. Furthermore, since the dishonorable senator avails herself as a quick-tempered person, she needs to be voted out of the Senate during the upcoming elections. It is apparent that Nyounblee is not respectful of herself, her family, her constituents and the republic of Liberia for which it stands.

  7. Rovelt, or whoever you really are, you make no sense. The Senate’s floor is a place for debate; and not for such violent and gangterism, and uncivilized behaviour now notorious of Nyounblee Karngar Lawrence.

  8. Senator Lawrence was wrong, and very disrespectful towards her fellow Senator Sando Johnson, as such, I personally think the Senate should take action against her, we Liberian have absolutely no respect for our leaders, and now we are seeing thing going on in the Liberian Senate. Shame on anyone support Senator Lawrence rude behavior.

  9. Senator Lawrence was wrong, and very disrespectful towards her fellow Senator Sando Johnson, as such, I personally think the Senate should take action against her, we Liberian have absolutely no respect for our leaders, and now we are seeing the same disrespect going on in the Liberian Senate. Shame on anyone support Senator Lawrence rude behavior.

  10. My Fellow Liberians,

    Before passing judgement on the only female Senator in this House of Men, have any of you “Hear-Say-Story-Carriers” ever thought about the possibility that this incident was an accident, as supposed to deliberate attempt by Senator Lawrence? I suggest that when we read these kinds of inflammatory stories, we must exercise restraint and get to the bottom to find out the actual facts surrounding this incident, as supposed to speculating without facts.

    I’m strongly of the opinion that Sen. Lawrence will not deliberately pour tea on another Senator’s head intentionally. Let’s wait small and gather all the facts surrounding this incident. None of us were there and so, speculations of this magnitude will only fuel this unfortunate incident. Even if this incident is true, we all do not also know what Sen. Joseph might have said to Sen. Lawrence to warrant her action. In any case, caution is always a good virtue.

    Words hurts and starts unwarranted wars amongst friends, neighbors, institutions, communities and nations. And therefore, wisdom dictates that we should be mindful in our utterances and keep a positive thought process. We should avoid greeting every information with negativism. Let’s help to build a positive society fill with optimism and stop the divisiveness.

    The Power of Positive Team Work will help to regain Liberia’s credibility and restore its lost dignity. Let’s encourage our leaders to work in unity for the sake of our future and our generation yet unborn. That’s how I see it.

  11. Leewaye,
    To suggest that facts should be gathered in order for good reporting to be done amounts to sound advice. However, please be reminded that senator Nyounblee’s case is factual. The story of Nyounblee is well written in the newspapers. The newspaper photographer of The Daily Observer captured the senator while she fumed. The truth of the matter is that water was involved in the story and of course, Nyounblee’s temper flared beyond civility. Depending on the particular newspaper you’ve seen or read, it happened.

    I totally agree with you about the issue of fairness in reporting news or being objective in all cases across the board. In any case, it seems that you possess a dim view about Weah when you post your comments. The fact that you think Weah’s regime is somehow weak, criminal or unproductive is undeniable. The question is do you live in Liberia? Do you really believe every negative thing that’s said or written about Weah? You have a right to speak up.

    Okay. Let’s move on. But, let us be fair..

  12. Well, Tony Leewaye, with Nyuounblee now apologizing to Senator Joseph for her exposed gronna – girl behavior in the Senate, you can now see you also need to apologize for what you have commented insulting others.

    • Well, The Real Hard Truth, thanks for your observation and as indicated above, caution is always a good virtue. However, if the “The Real Hard Truth” was an actual human-being with an attached facial recognition to this request, I would be glad to respond and even provide some clarity. Unfortunately, I find it difficult communicating with and extending apologies to an unknown entity. That’s how I see it.

  13. Wow, after summoning the heads of security apparatus to appear before plenary to address issues of violence, lawlessness, and other disgruntle behavior highly dissipating in the society, the Senator Nyounblee who should be an epitome of moral rectitude decided to pour water, totally wetting her colleague. So how do we expect to yield better results when the people at the helm of power, especially the first branch of government, will behave in such a manner?

    This country needs to fast and pray to cleanse the curse of bloodshed. Moreover, the same people that destroyed the country are now the ones resurfacing in the legislature, posing as law makers after years of lawlessness never witnessed in the history of Liberia.

    Imagine criminal and killer Benino Urey raising qualms because his daughter’s life was threatened. This same man killed hundreds of thousands of other people’s sons and daughters, but now he complaining against the same lawlessness he introduced into the society that still lives on, thereby affecting his daughter.

    My advise to those rebels and criminals now turn politicians, lawmakers, please put on your fake posture of moral rectitude, hold on to it and discuss issues to the point of proper resolution for the beneficence of the Liberian people’s safety and well being. Do your best to suppress your acrimonious, vindictive and immoral behavior, put on a clean garment of moral uprightness while in plenary and discuss issues utilizing every imperatives of civility to achieve optimum result. Keep your eyes on the price, the interest of Liberia being held paramount. Hold on to these values and I guarantee you that so many things will fall in place.

    May God have mercy and bless Liberia

  14. Nyounblee Lawrence. what was that fine little girl riding with your husband and you stayed away? you didnt know what was happening? Now you vex with the world because he got caught

  15. All of you criticising Lawrence lack good judgement. This is a typical case of the head of the goat being on fire and fools like you are worried instead about the goats’s bears. Why are you guys not worried over the terrible reality that our country is now in the hands of semi-literate vagabonds who have no clue on how to govern the country. Rather they are perfecting corruption, mediocrity and violence, all of which were part of the reasons that plunged the country in the bloodiest conflict in the history of the country. They have not learned anything from that destructive civil war. Their downfall is just around the corner.

  16. Well Mr.Badi,
    If you care about civility, you will address your fellow respondents or commenters in a way that’s civil. It is unprofessional to address civilized people as “fools like you are worried instead about the goat’s bears” without you knowing who those people really are. Personally, I am not a fool, neither do I think respondents who are critical of Nyounblee’s erratic outburst are fools.

    Say you, “why are you guys not worried over the terrible reality that our country is now in the hands of semi-literate vagabonds….”?

    Mr. Badi, have you really thought through what you have said or written? Is Nyounblee an elected member of the Liberian law-making body? If you agree that Nyounblee is an elected member, (in my view and I suppose in the view of others she is), then she’s one of those ” semi- literate vagabonds” you are referring to. Obviously, she is one of those who runs the country. Right?
    Let me offer a disclaimer! I think Nyounblee is a good Lady who got kicked in the head by the demons when spilled water. She’s not a vagabond, neither is Weah or the semi-literates you’re referencing. Sometimes, people do stupid things! It’s an undeniable fact of life.

    The fact that I or anyone could disagree with you on any number of topics does not mean that we’re bigoted. If you disagree with my assessment of a particular individual or a political idea, it’s okay. We really don’t have to agree on anything or all things. But it is of the highest order to respectfully agree to disagree. By disagreeing, we are not fools. Thank you.

  17. A “Gbanna Girl” in the highest seat of power, displaying her anger! When a “Gbanna Peking” does that, the people jump and call him hooligan. That is how things are in Liberia- partisan politics eroding us into the abyss.
    We judge other by their worst examples, simply because they do not share our political platform. On the other hand, we judge ourself by our best examples.

  18. @Sesay Badi, you cannot point to one person in the cabinet that is semi-literate. You who averred to have good judgement, but yet seem to be a victim of historical fallacy, forgetting to recall it was the same Harvard Graduate that led the advocacy for the destruction of the country. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Oscar Cooper, Benoni Urey, Charles Taylor, Thomas Woweyoue, Cyril Allen, Lewis Brown and many others are educated but lack patriotism. The legislature is the first branch of government, so if they were up to the task, holding on the the high value of patriotism, they would have done all to keep the executive in check. The legislature is the most corrupt body in the history of the country’s governance.

    It’s not strange that Senator Nyounblee Karngar-Lawrence will behave in such manner, that’s because that august body has been infiltrated by rebels, the same people that destroyed the country. What a shame and travesty of moral rectitude, from law breakers to law makers overnight. From whence did Senator Karngar-Lawrence come, was it not from the rebel enclave of one time greater Liberia, Gbarngar? They all came to Monrovia when Charles Taylor left his criminal base in Gbarngar and trekked to Monrovia with his entourage comprising high class criminals. How did she get connected with the LPRC, it was because of that same influence, when the other late rebel, Harry Greaves was serving as Managing Director.

    The executive has a lot of shortcomings that need to be addressed, hence it’s prudent for well meaning Liberians in all sectors, to raise issues in the most prudent and peaceful manner. Do you perceptive that drenching another senator will raise a good argument in addressing the prevailing ails in society?

    Lastly, to correct your shallow and preposterous mindset, replicated with falsehood, know that the civil was was centered on the premise of power struggle, it was never because of corruption, though the lexical reference “corruption” was interposed as an excuse. If the civil was was really about tackling corruption, Charles Taylor and his henchmen would not have massively looted the country’s resources to convert it to personal use during the heat of the civil war and after the civil war. Someone serious about fighting corruption would hijack the country’s coffer and keep it in a safe at White Flower, his personal mansion? If the war was about tackling corruption Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would not have led one of the most corrupt government in our political history.

    If we put your analysis under the periscope, education would hardly be a word ascribed to your diluted mindset. You sound like Milto Teahjay.

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