Champ Solutions Research Reveals Decline in Buying


A business research organization, Champ Solutions Market Research Group, says it has uncovered that skyrocketing prices of commodities are putting buyers in the position not to have the potential to buy while sellers are losing buyers on the other hand, amid the Coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, April 9, 2020, in Monrovia, the chief executive officer of Champ Solutions Market Research Group, George C. Willicor, suggested that the government ensure that prices of basic commodities are reduced on the market and agents are sent in the field to monitor compliance.

Mr. Willicor in his report said tax deduction should be made on every basic commodity for three months as the first step on the part of the government to set the stage, and it should at least pay civil servants (3) months salary to enable them to get their basic needs.

Mr. Willicor said if care is not taken, citizens are more likely to die from hunger instead of coronavirus, especially where government has pronounced a lockdown in the country.

He also recommended that Government should make available consistent supply of electricity and water to various communities where they exist. Mr. Willicor said Government should link market research companies in Liberia to enable her implement some of these recommendations.

“Government should at least adjust the tariffs on basic commodities especially rice as a shared responsibility on the part of government so that every citizen can afford a bag of rice,” he said.

Mr. Willicor said there is a need for the government to negotiate with international partner(s) on how those who are quarantined can get some aid during the three (3) weeks period.

The research from which Willicor made these suggestions focused on Montserrado County District #2, Jacob Town Market, Paynesville and its environs, while indicating that Liberians on average live on a day to day hustle to sustain themselves and their families.

He added, “As for the lockdown, we think that it is necessary but not timely and appropriate.”

Champ Solutions Market Research Group was established February 2019 as a Liberian registered company under the code M7020 (Management Consultancy Activities), focused on providing market research information, business bevelopment, investment management consultancy, financial advisory services, and training.

The vision is to be the foremost one-stop-shop market research solutions and investment consultancy in Africa.


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