Chambers, Weah Ditch Lawrence’s Funeral

A cross-section of sympathizers at the Sacred Heart Cathedral

Having been accused by some of his fellow lawmakers that he has failed to play the required leadership role, mainly in managing circumstances which led to government not holding a state requiem for fallen Montserrado District #15 Representative, Adolph Lawrence, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers did not attend the funeral service held on Friday, April 26, 2019.

In spite of the Speaker’s notable absence from the funeral service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the ceremony went on peacefully, although several of the mourners expressed grief and surprise at his behavior, which one mourner (not named) described as being “heartless.”

Other CDC elected officials who were conspicuously absent from the funeral included Thomas Fallah, Acarous M. Gray and President George M. Weah. Notably, President Weah and Speaker Chambers were in full attendance at the funeral of the late Senator Geraldine Doe Sherif, which was held at the same venue, just weeks earlier.

It may be recalled that several lawmakers on Thursday, April 25, 2019, also expressed their frustration and disappointment when a planned solemn state requiem was not held for their fallen colleague in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building due to a scuffle that erupted reportedly between a group of militants from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and others from the Liberty Party (LP) and its collaborating political parties.

“We have said it on numerous occasions that Chambers has proven to us his inability to play the role of a speaker. This is why we have decided to be called the Independent Legislative Caucus to bring sanity to the House,” Representative Larry Younquoi told journalists on Thursday, following the disruption of the planned state requiem in the Rotunda.

Also speaking to the Daily Observer via telephone, Margibi County Electoral District #2, Ivar, K. Jones, said it is left to Speaker Chambers — and no one else — to tell the Liberian people the reason he did not attend the funeral ceremony of the late Lawrence.

“With that hanging over Chambers’ head, we the members of the Independent Legislative Caucus will not relent to ensure that sanity is restored at that august body.”

At Friday’s funeral service, Carlos Edinson Tingba, one of the persons who survived the accident in which Rep. Adolph Lawrence and a young female university graduate lost their lives, told reporters that he will never agree with anyone that the late Lawrence and the young lady’s tragic deaths are not political.

“Being alive today does not mean I am better. All I can say is that I was not a direct target, but the lawmaker. This government has a calculated attempt to eliminate all critical voices against its poor management of the country,” Tingba alleged.

According to him, he was not surprised that Speaker Chambers did not attend the funeral service of the fallen lawmaker.

University of Liberia Student Unification Party Chairman, Carlos Edinson Tingba (in blue T-shirt) with bandage at his left hand survived the accident in which Rep. Adolph Lawrence died. He attended the funeral to pay his last respect to the fallen Lawmaker

“Some of us, I am sure, may die too for our strong advocacy against ineptitude and poor governance of our nation, but we will not relent. The moment I recover, we will amalgamate more strong minds that will join us in the Weah step down campaign,” Tingba, who is the chairman of the University of Liberia (UL) Student Unification Party (SUP), said.

Still recovering from injuries, Tingba said the country should have no confidence in the leadership of President George Weah to provide security for all, as well as other basic necessities.

He said his going up with a number of militants of SUP to bid farewell to Rep. Lawrence was because the late lawmaker was a product of the UL, who later became a Geology instructor with so much passion to motivate young people.

“His ideology was synonymous to ours. As he believed and worked for justice, so we too have stood ever since to pursue justice for the benefit of the suffering masses,” Tingba said as limped in excruciating pain due to his wounds.

At the Sacred Heart Cathedral, scores of sympathizers made reference to the fallen Lawmaker’s humility and the simplistic life he lived, which they said imbued him with love.

Delivering a tribute on behalf of the Senate and also on his family’s behalf, Senate Protempore Albert Tugbe Chie said, other than their meeting at the Legislature, he knew Lawrence for a long time. He said Lawrence was a good person, committed to sacrificing his personal comfort for the well-being of others.

“We will all miss him, because he was a utility player at the Capitol, who was always of help, not only at that august body, but even at the Senate too. He used to encounter chambers to support the Legislative quests of his wife, Senator Yongblee Karnga-Lawrence,” Senator Chie said.

Hundreds of the mourners were in tears as stories of the late Adolph Lawrence, particularly concerning his assistance to his district and acts of good will to individuals.

Among those who paid tributes at Friday’s funeral service, was former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Kabineh Mohammed Ja’neh, who represented the Nimba Women United for Peace and Reconciliation.

He described the loss of Lawrence as a blow to the country, because he was always there in the interest of the ordinary citizens.

“One character of Lawrence I so much cherished — because that is me — is being bold on issues affecting the larger society,” Ja’neh said other mourners, many of who were visibly weeping.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. To the family of Mr. Lawrence:
    Be strong in the Lord. Despite your loss, God is in control. It hurts to lose a loving brother, husband, friend, sister, father or mother. In any case, don’t give up in anything you undertake. You will be fine. Do not allow politics or politicians to get in the way. Nothing can be trusted in this world. Also, no one can be trusted. But God the creator is trustworthy. Do as the old melody tells us, “In joy or sorrow, look to the lamb of God”. May God bless y’all.

  2. What a powerful statement from Carlos. He says, “…He will never agree with anyone that the late Lawrence and the young lady’s tragic deaths are not political.”

    And for those who will immediately dismiss the validity of this remark, I refer them to the death of the late Fallah Varney, one of those who were murdered in a very macabre vehicle accident during the reign of the late sergeant dictator, Samuel Kanyon Doe.

    When Doe ascended to power after the brutal overthrow of Dr. Tolbert, he decided as is typical of many despotic regimes, to consolidate an absolute grip on his authority. And to achieve this end, he instigated a program of target assassinations to eliminate those within his circle who he felt might have had the ambition and potential of overthrowing him. Inquisitive minds said that the timing of the murders and the tactics that were deployed to achieve them was absolutely bizarre.

    The late Varney was killed while traveling towards Paynesville and when he arrived at the red light, a military vehicle ran through the red light and struck his car. And in a strange twist of event another military vehicle hit him from the passenger side. He died instantly as his vehicle was no match from the blows of the two military juggernauts. Who could dispute Doe’s accounts of the story that it was a vehicle accident?

    The mysterious murder of Varney was followed by many others including Thomas Wehsen, Moses Flahnzmaton, and so forth. Many original People’s Redemption Council members, who were suspected of being Doe’s enemies of the state, had either had to flee if they were lucky or were liquidated.

    Murdering political opponents in Liberia and creating alibis is old news. It is not strange. Some of the most recent victims include the late Greaves, the late Allison, the late Innes, and so forth.

  3. Right to be anonymous, you are one of the liars around here. Fallah Varney’s death and Adolph Lawrence’s death have no similarity besides the fact the two deaths resulted from accidents as is the case with motor accidents. Adolph Lawrence’s car ran into a parked truck which had been parked.

    Fallah Varney’s death resulting from.him running into a truck was a divine retribution, after he Fallah Varney killed Jarsee Senoweh and her boyfriend in their apartment and dumped their bodies in the river. You are a liar to mention another car when Fallah Varney died in his car seat after colliding with a truck. Wehsehn was convicted after he allowed Tipoteh and others to fool him in carrying out a military coup. Accordingly, he was sentenced to death by firing squad in accordance with the UCMJ – The Uniform Code of Military Justice. The same was the case with MMD Flazzamaton. Do not try to LIE . Lawrence’s death and none of the deaths mentioned by you are the same You are a LIAR.

    • And you are not a liar..Doe made up all those fake coups against people just to eliminate them..the only coup against Doe that was real was Gen Thomas Quiwonkpa coup…

  4. Mr. The Real Hard Truth

    Believe it or not, accidents can be masterminded and this includes staging, controlling, or choreographing them to appear natural. And this is why insurance companies are so strict especially when it comes to accidents involving automobiles.

    It came a time when insurance companies in the United States were discovering that criminal minded people had perfected sophisticated techniques on how to dupe insurance companies out of funds by staging accidents.

    The criminals did it so professionally and in ways that it was hard to detect. However, as time went on the insurance companies caught on to their games.

    Relating this to the late Honorable Lawrence’s death, a government is an organization that has controls over a lot of resources, and it has tremendous influence over those whom it governs including the state security networks. If it chooses to, it can use some of those resources in ungodly ways including recruiting, training, and aiding social deviants to carry out any kind of unimaginable crimes, and conceal or shred every trace of the evidence.

    It is not improbable that malevolent elements working on behave of the government, could create an environment to endanger the lives of people that the powers that be are craving to eliminate. It is very fatal or foolhardy to disregard the power and the ingenuity of the human intellect.

    Mr. Smith is 100% correct. Many of Doe’s coup d’etats were figments of his own imagination; and, like I mentioned in my previous comments, they were done for the sole purpose of tightening his rein on power.

    However, how did that story end? I leave that answer with history to complete.

    • Oh, btw, the guy that was in charge and knew a whole lot of the $25 million so-called mop-up sham was mysteriously killed by a hit and run but up to now nobody has found who was the hit and run driver….these are the questionable deaths that need to be investigated but President Bobo aka George Weah is busy enriching himself.

    • Right to be anonymous, your unnecessary mention of “insurance companies”, and your inclusion of another’s irrelevant “coups” talk under this discussion are mere red herrings to distract people from your exposed fabrications. Next time do not take readers on this site for granted, and naively believe your lies will not be detected and exposed. You are now on record as a notorious LIAR.

  5. This regime is no different from the late Samuel K. Doe’s regime! Too much strange deaths. The Bible says that whatsoever a man sowed, so shall he reap. Where is Samuel K. Doe today? Can anybody points out where he was buried?

  6. Mr. F. Taylor

    You asked a very tough question. And it is, “Can anybody point out where he (Samuel K. Doe) was buried?” Well, the only answer that I can suggest is based on rumors and speculations pertaining to the strange beliefs and practices particularly found among segments of the Liberian natives whose religion is predominantly Animism. It is said that cannibalism is accepted among these believers.

    A widespread belief in this religion is that when a very powerful person dies particularly in the manner that Samuel K. Doe was captured and killed, his body parts have some special potency and so the believers often scramble to share and consume the body parts. For example: in animism, the penis is symbol of prowess and power. So, those who were lucky to cut off Doe’s penis including other body parts, and roasted it for their ritualistic meal did acquire many of the attributes that made him the kind of man he was.

    When i first heard this among Liberians Mr. Taylor, I dismissed it as a fairy tale. Not until I heard the other rumors concerning the capture, brutal torture, murder, and the consumption of the late General Thomas Quiwonkpa’s body and then it finally dawn on me that truly cannibalism was not a myth in Liberia; that researchers have documented that it truly exists in Liberia. This kind of cannibalism is termed as, “Ritualistic Cannibalism.” .

    You do not have to take it for my word. Just take a little time and conduct your own research. And what I just wrote, is not a conclusive evidence either, because I have also been wondering like you about the whereabouts of Samuel Doe’s grave likewise Thomas Quiwonkpa’s.

    Last, this is the nation whose lawmakers just about a few years ago, were rambling among themselves to pass a law within the constitution declaring it as a, “Christian Nation.” Isn’t that something to think about?


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