CGGCM Official: ‘Commercial Explosives Associated with Risks’

Some of the company's staffers of the institution.

The authorities of the China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC) Mining Services Liberia Limited who, since January, 23, 2015, have been the sole producers and distributors of commercial mining explosives in the country has admitted to a lot of risks being associated with commercial explosives.

The company, based in Bong County, said it is also involved in the provision of additional mining services to prominent mining companies in the country, which include Chinese and Turkish companies.

A statement released by the company, said because commercial explosives are associated with a lot of risks, three of the CGGCMS’s local staff, including David K. Wheaton, Hilton P. Kollie and Joseph Yekewolo, were sent to the People’s Republic of China for training in various disciplines.

Mr. Wheaton, who is the public relations manager, was trained in Strategic Marketing and Business Management, while Messrs. Kollie and Yekewolo were trained as Blasting Technicians respectively.

Mr. Jason Dong, CGGCMS deputy training manager, said the company caters to a coordinated workforce that includes 22 foreigners and over 75 local staff (including daily hires).

The business of commercial explosives, he said, is associated with a lot of risks, and the company has ensured that explosive contents are well maintained, and that the Company’s explosive storage magazine (Storage Hub) is one of the best in Africa.

Though CGGCMS said that it has not experienced or incurred any casualty as the result of any accident, Mr. Dong recalled how the company is also committed to its social responsibility as “we are paying an annual social fund of US$10,000 to surrounding communities.”

According to him, the clarification is necessary because of what it described as a distorted report that appeared in a local media recently in Monrovia.

The CGGCMS said on December 11, 2018, a group of media practitioners, which included a freelance journalist videographer, and a host of senior officials, and reporters from the Liberia News Agency (LINA), who sought inquiries on the nature of work that CGGCMS is doing in the country did not report in line with their respective findings.

The interview, according to Mr. Dong, was part of an agreement reached by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China near Monrovia, and for a number of media outlets to primarily tell the stories of a number of State-owned Chinese companies, which have since rendered services to the people of Liberia amid the bilateral relationship existing between the two countries.

Mr. Dong said he did not mention during the interview or at any point in time that the company paid on death-related loss, a sum of US$2.5 million for four Liberians (non-employees), who had collided with the company’s moving truck as it was reported in the media.

While the company experienced a number of challenges, which may serve as impediments to their operations in the country, it noted that no official of the company described any other company in the same business as engaging in a “criminal practice.”

CGGC told the Daily Observer that it also did not state on record the name of any company as it was mentioned in the report.

“While we remain committed to contributing to the economic empowerment of Liberians through the creation of additional jobs and training opportunities, we will not take lightly any incorrect media report which seeks to ruin our hard-earned reputation,” Mr. Dong said.

Dong believes that judging from what Liberia used to look like in the past the nation is now achieving its development goal, is happening gradually and noted that the level of reception in the country for foreigners is great.

“I have noticed that Liberians are great people, trusted and generous people,” Dong said.


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