CFL Graduates 30 Primary School Teachers

Kolor with some graduates after the occasion.

The Christian Foundation-Liberia (CFL), a humanitarian organization, on January 21 graduated 30 in-service teachers, who had been undergoing training for the past 10 months.

The teachers, who were declared qualified and trained to teach primary school levelĀ  by executive director James G. Kolor, obtained grade “C” certificates in teaching.

He said the training was conducted in two localities – Ganta (cluster one) and Saclepea (cluster two) – in line with government’s setĀ  curriculum for teacher education.

Since its establishment in 2006, Kolor said CFL has trained over 2,000 Liberians to be proficient teachers.

He said, the intention of CFL is to ensure that there are qualified teachers in classrooms to take the education system from where former President Sirleaf once described as a “mess” to best.

Recently, the CFL graduated 68 teachers in Grand Gedeh County as part of the same In – Service Teacher Training Program.

The guest preacher, Rev. Eleazer Gbengar, challenged the graduates to put acquired skills to practice and try to bring about change in the school system.

He said although it can be very difficult for teachers, they should, however, be mindful how they deal with students, and stop taking bribes, even in the form of test fees.

“Taking bribes from students breeds corruption and if it continues we will not see any change in our society,” warned Rev. Gbengar.

“Sometimes, people will tell you something negative when you try to bring about a change in the attitude of the students. Just be focused and note that change can begin with one person,” he admonished.

The graduation which took place in Saclepea was attended by scores of education officials and other local government authorities.

Executive director Kolor urged the new government to appoint people who know the education system in Liberia and have passion for the job to serve as minister and deputies in the Education Ministry.

He said most of the past ministers were not acquainted with the situation teachers and students are faced with in the hinterland, “so as a result, some of the policies they made could not help the education system move from ‘mess’ to best.”


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