Central Monrovia, Others to Get Pipe-borne Drinking Water Soon


It won’t be long when residents of Monrovia and its environs will turn on the faucets to get safe, pipe-borne drinking water, after nearly two (2) weeks of water shortage, the management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has revealed.

According to the LWSC, about sixty percent of the repair works have been done on the recently ruptured 36-inch transmission pipeline.

Nimpson Todd, Spokesman for LWSC, said the first round of patching has been concluded, while welding is ongoing by the rigorous technical team of the LWSC.

“The first round of patching is already [complete] and our team is ensuring that welding is as well completed before the close of the day,” the LWSC Communication Director told the media. He explained that due to the importance of the 36-inch transmission pipeline and due to the fact that it supplies a greater portion of the City, all attention is driven to restoring the facility.

“The 36 is our biggest transmission facility, it is only right that I announce to you the level of commitment and energy we have put into getting it up and running,” Todd said. 

The Liberia Water And Sewer Corporation chief spokesman disclosed that the LWSC has set Friday, February 6, 2021, as the date for the resumption of unhindered pipe-borne water via the 36-inch transmission pipeline.

“With the level of energy we are exerting, I can safely say that water via the 36 will be available by Friday”; Todd expressed optimistically. According to him, the only reason why the 36 is not at completion level in terms of its repair is due to some minor challenges the LWSC technicians were experiencing earlier during the repair.

“We could have been up and running by now but due to some little challenges with loose mud Walls, we are where we are,” he explained, adding that a mudslide backed into the cleared pit during the initial repair works; something he noted has long been taken care of.

Meanwhile, the LWSC said it is not bothered by comments on social media coming from people who once worked for the Corporation and know exactly the challenges involved with running the LWSC.

Responding to a recent social media (Facebook) post by the LWSC’s immediate former Board Chair, Dr. Kimmie L. Weeks, in which he claimed the management team at LWSC is pretending to provide leadership, Todd said the Duannah Kamara leadership at LWSC is not pretentious but consistently dealing with many challenges, some of which Dr. Weeks and the team had to confront.

Todd noted that LWSC as a technical institution can barely survive without donor assistance; something he claims the LWSC former Board chair knows very well.

“Our former Board chair knows very well that LWSC as a technical institution will not survive or be effective without a donor’s intervention; Nimpson Todd said.

According to Todd, the infrastructural challenges alone at the Corporation require consistent assistance if LWSC must return to its pre-war status.

“We are still running a 1950s system in the 21st century, then you are talking about pretence,” Todd expressed in frustration.

Todd recounted that during the reign of Dr. Weeks, the majority of projects undertaken at the Corporation including the rehabilitation of the Water Treatment Plant were financed by donors.

“If the African Development Bank (AfDB) had not rehabilitated the WTP, Dr. Weeks knows very well that he and his team would have never succeeded in getting it to where it is today,” Todd said.

The LWSC management, through its spokesman, also reminded his former Board chair that the Duannah Kamara leadership is pursuing one of Dr. Weeks’ dreams at the Corporation which is evident that LWSC survives hugely with funding from donors.

“Duannah Kamara and team are today pursuing the much-publicized and desired pre- metering contract; something that Dr. Weeks leadership began; doesn’t this point to the fact that Dr. Weeks wasn’t honest on his Facebook post,” Todd expressed.


  1. LWSC,
    Thanks very much for getting the ruptured pipe fixed. Monrovia residents and residents of the city’s greater areas will be proud of you. Through bravery and ingenuity, you used your expertise wisely. The Africans who are always critical of you were hopping that you would sit on your buns and complained. By doing something, you shamed those Africans big time. Remember, the Africans that I am talking about have no plans to move Liberia in the right direction.

  2. Grand Frere,

    I hope you have fully recovered from your accident. May God protect and keep you to serve your birth country as of 2024.
    Don’t worry, the Africans have the best plans ever, after Tolbert, for Liberia. They will deliver bigly to the people of Liberia.

    Saluations, Grand Frere et bon début de semaine !

  3. Mon Petit Frere,
    Merci beaucoup. Je’ fias des progres. Que’ Dieu vous be’nisse.

    There’s no doubt about the fact that everybody wants to see greater things done in Liberia. Given the little he has, Weah is building roads. I have recently been told that construction work from Nimba to the Ivorian border has begun or is about to begin. That’s progress by any measure. Good roads will undoubtedly enhance Liberia’s economic outlook. I am very optimistic about roads because I am aware of something that president Dwight Einsenhower did in America during the 1950s. Shortly after the second world war, Einsenhower decided to build major highways. The gentleman’s idea was embraced by the Americans. Immediately after the completion of the major Expressways/Highways, the American economy experienced an economic Bonanza.

    Let’s take a quick look at Ghana, the Ivorians and others on the horn of Africa. The reason why there has been an uptake in their respective economies is that there are good roads in their countries. On the whole, I am hopeful. I know things are tough in Liberia. Irrespective of how slowly the Liberian economy performs, the construction of roads will ultimately help.

    Big Puzzle…
    I have not been able to see an opposition leader create jobs in Liberia. That’s troubling.

    My question….. Jobs are scarced in Liberia. If this is not the right time, when do the dis-organized opposition create jobs?

    Follow up question…. Will jobs get created by the dis-organized opposition when they take over the cockpit of leadership?

  4. Grand Frere,

    Dieu merci pour la bonne évolution de votre sante, bonne guérison !

    Who in the opposition do you want to see create jobs in Liberia? If you are referring to my demigod Cummings, he has created and continues to create jobs in Liberia.
    For other opposition figures within the CPP, they have also created and continue to create jobs in Liberia.
    It is Weah who has never created any decent and reliable jobs in Liberia. The guy has NEVER successfully created a company in Liberia. We have many examples like Clar TV, etc. And guess what, his Sports Academy is not even up to the mark to effectively sell young recruits or make a mark on local football, so your guy Weah has real problems.

    Private sector jobs creation is possible with conducive and business friendly environment created by the central government of any country. It also entails the upholding of human rights and a credible judicial system where justice is blind and done to all women and men.

    Is the CDC capable of providing such environment? NO, Grand Frere! Your people, the CDC, have failed lamentably.
    The missing money (billions of Liberian dollars)?
    Weah’s refusal to declare his assets?
    Weah’s one-year project to break down his houses and transform them into mansions?
    The raping and killing of our young people for rituals?
    The chasing away of discordant voices (Costa, for example)?
    The planned assassination of auditors?
    The list is long, just within 3 years of rulership or tyranny.

    All Liberians wish to see developments, like road constructions, but the HOW is what makes us to have divergent views to even segregate in different groupings called political parties.

    The construction of a road is like taking 100kg of seed rice to be planted on your OWN LAND with the labor force of IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS.
    This 100kg seed rice planted on 1 hectare of land may produce 6 tons (6,000kg) of rice. If the yield is correctly sold on the market, the government may pocket 200kg of the amount while the rest, less growing costs, would be left to be divided proportionately among the family members.
    Here, no matter how much a family member gets, there will be joy, moral and pecuniary satisfaction.

    Suppose the same quantity of seed rice was given to the Chinese (contractor) to grow on a hired or rented land with a people other than my family members, what would be the growing costs? Exorbitant, isn’t it? And how much can the government pocket? Will we get the same joy, moral and pecuniary satisfaction as a people?

    The ANC wants to give the seed rice to Liberians for any added values to remain in Liberia. The CDC wants to bring in people to do pieces of jobs for us at high costs to the detriment of Liberians, while we languish in poverty and despair. What then, is the use of the beautiful roads you have constructed if I cannot afford a car to drive on them?

    Grand Frere, the key is education!
    It is ridiculous that the short distance from ELWA Junction to Red Light is being done by 2 different companies. And when you ask CDCians why, they tell you because we want it done fast, since it is a double lane; one company is doing one side while the other company is on the other side.
    With such job, how can the works be professionally audited? Can the quality be guaranteed, since they need speedy job?

    Grand Frere, funny things are going on in Liberia under Weah. You are thousands of miles away, I am just next door and so I know how dangerous your guy is to Liberia.

    We (ANC) will lay emphasis on education to empower our people to be involved professionally and technically in the construction of our roads at 80%. In so doing, substantial values will be added to the economy by creating direct, indirect and induced jobs in every strata of the economy.

    The ANC is the answer for Liberia!
    Vote in 2023 to begin something serious in Liberia, my people!
    The ANC loves you dearly!


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