Central Matadi Youth Form Anti-Ebola Task Force


The youth of Central Matadi have taken it upon themselves to help government eradicate Ebola at the community level by the formation of an Anti-Ebola Task Force, which will provide awareness and contact tracing of confirmed, probable and suspected Ebola cases in the area.

The task force launching,  which was launched on Sunday in the Central Matadi Community, was attended by several young people, elders and chairmen of various communities in Matadi.

Speaking at the launching, the chairman of Task Force, Mr. Bobby M. Kargbah, said it will be engaged in a doo-to-door anti-Ebola campaign and contact tracing.

He explained that the Task Force has been strategized into three components— awareness, contact tracing and communication. The three components, he said, will work hand-in-hand to combat Ebola in the area.

The Central Matadi Task Force also includes an Advisory Board made up some elders in the community including Mrs. Lucia W. Quetoh (chairperson), Christopher M. Diggs, James M. Kpargoi, Ms. Aminatha K. Jaleiba, Mrs. Etta Johnson and Ms. Rachel Carr.

At the launching program the chairperson of the Advisory Board, Mrs. Quetoh, extolled the young people in the community for such an imporatant initiative, noting that “Now we know that our young people are ready to move forward.”

She thanked them for the initiative and admonished them to ensure that the Task Force will accomplish the purposes for which it was established.

She urged them not to get weary of their responsibilities as a Task Force, and reminded  them that their mission is not an easy one.

Mrs. Quetoh: “As we appreciate your initiative to form this Task Force, we also want to remind you that every donation entrusted to your care for the community should be accounted for.”

Serving as Guest Speaker at the launching program, Psychosocial Counselor and  Social Worker at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Mr. Earnest Garnark Smith, said the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is so deadly an enemy that it has the propensity to infest and kill an entire household, family, community and even district at an rapid pace.

Mr. Smith: “Let us bear in mind that this fight is a deadly one which requires unprecedented courage and infinite love for humanity.

If your reason for joining this fight is primarily for financial gain, you have got enough reasons to back off now because harboring such thought would lead you and your community to be infested  with a virus more deadly than Ebola.

Provide whatsoever service you have to provide with the mindset that you are just privileged to be on the right side of history and history will judge us all proportional to our services rendered Mama Liberia at this crucial time.

“It is the right of those to whom you provide services to be treated with dignity. Never disrespect them for any reason at any point of your service provision.

The fight is a rough and difficult fight, in which people rendering these services could die in the process. Some of my senior colleagues have died and of course, some service providers always die in times like these.”

In remarks, several elders and chairmen of various communities in both Old and New Matadi commended Central Matadi youth for the initiative and promised to work with them to ensure that Ebola is eradicated from Matadi.


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